Friday, 15 January 2010


Thankyou Rachana from VEGGI FARE for bestowing me with this lovely Award. It's an honour to receive it. However it does come with some conditions and they are that I have to divulge 7 things about myself , and then nominate and pass the award to 7 other blogger friends.

So here goes:

1. My passion for cooking started at a tender age of 10 and its grown since then.

2. I am a vegetarian and love all kinds of food, especially savory dishes.

3. One thing I cant live with out........masala chai.
4. My favourite dish that I am cook for family and friends is chilli paneer.

5. I dislike okras although will eat them under exceptional circumstances.

6. My new years resolution is to take photographic classes to learn how to take good photos.

7.My motto "Be happy be content with what you have" and you will never be dissapointed in life.
I pass this award to



Sailaja kitchen




Authentic Food Delights

Although I have been blogging for sometime ,I am pretty new to this "foodie" blogging community so please If any one else visiting here would like the award feel free to accept it also.

Thanks once again to Rachana for making feel so welcome.These are for you thankyou. :)



More Awards- Many many thanks for passing these awards to me. is honoured that there are so many foodie friends who who think that this blog is deserving of such recognition..



Thanks Sailaja-Sailaja Kitchen


Thanks SE-Denu Foods

@ se The tag that came with this blog is same as answered above so not answering again.



  1. Thank you! Nice to know some info about you ;)

    We love masala chai and chili paneer...well you know how much I like it! (Check the link the page is not opening)

    Will post the award in mine soon..Have a good weekend.

  2. Congrats on ur awards and thanx for thinking of me....

  3. Congrats !! Good knowing more about you :-)

  4. Kudos to you..... on being tagged with that Kreativ award.... U totally deserve it...

    And heartfelt thanks for that SWEET DESSERT-ED thank you.....


  5. Congraz and thanks so much for passing on to me as was nice reading abt u...

  6. Congratulation!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks dear for sharing this award with me :-)

  7. Thank you for the box of chocolates:) Its a very sweet gesture and I will update it tomorrow:)

  8. Congratulations on the awards! You really deserve all of them! Thank you so much for passing it on to me, I was very thoughtful of you. It's so nice to know more about you, I'd love to take photographic classes too, my photos have never come out that good.

    P.S.I'm so sorry I'm very late to comment this post, I've been very sick with a bad cough and cold this weekend. Talk to you soon.


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