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Bajra na Rotla. (Millet flour rotis)

Bajra na rotla (Millet rotis)-These flatbreads are nutritious and a healthy alternative to wheat roti’s. Served with aubergine curry and lesun ni chutney (garlic chutney) these are a very traditional gujarati fare.


1 cup millet flour
1 tablespoon wheat flour
¼ teaspoon salt
½ tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon butter for serving.
Water for making dough.


1. In a bowl add the millet flour and the wheat flour.
2. Add the salt and ½ tablespoon butter, rub the butter into the flour.
3. Adding a little water make a firm dough.
4. Cover and leave to rest for 30 minutes.
5. Divide the dough into 6 balls.
6. Traditional way to make rotlas is to wet hands pat the dough between both hands to form a roti shape but this needs a fair amount of expertise to get round even shaped unbroken rotlas. Alternate and easy way is to dust the ball of dough and roll out like a chapatti with rolling pin; it should be approx 5mm thick and about 5-6 inches in diameter.
7. Gently lift the rolled rotla and place on hot skillet and cook medium heat. (As rotlas are slightly thicker than standard rotis they need slower heat to ensure they are cooked in side. )Flip the rotla over when one side is cooked to cook the second side.
8. Rotlas are ready when little brown spots appear on both the surface.
9. Remove cooked rotlas from skillet and repeat procedure for rest of dough.
10. Before serving add a generous dollop of butter on top of the rotla’s.
Traditional way to serve rotlas is with aubergine curry, lesun ni chutney, kadhi and khichdi.

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  1. Tame rotla banaya ne mein ringana nu bharthu..kammal combination..I always make without adding rotli flour...this menu my top fav...

  2. Excellent Roti.Yes, very healthy too!

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe for this tasty and healthy millet rotis. Will try it out soon..

  4. Lovely pics Nayna. It has been a while since I made it, so need to make bajra rotis :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the recipe for this tasty and healthy millet rotis. Will try it out soon..

  6. Healthy and yummy rotis...

    Kairali sisters

  7. looks yummy with baingan curry..

  8. Healthy and yummy stuff Nayna!!!

  9. I ahve never made this myself, but have eaten it quite a few times at my neighbour's place back in india.healthy one at that!

  10. awesome...the rotla platter looks yummy !!

  11. I never had bajra roti...but heard a lot of it...nice post...

  12. What a lovely dish... i just love it..

  13. Nayna,

    Bajra roti and side curry looks delicious.

  14. That looks really good and very healthy...different from the usual..and nice to have this for a change...

  15. Roti looks great with that aubergine curry,make me feel hungry!

  16. Healthy tasty roti's...
    Thx. for sharing :-)

  17. Wooow dear,,very healthy n easy food for all time..well presented dear with nice click..

  18. Wat a fantastic roti, highly nutritious..

  19. oh! that is a very yummy yummy looking platter..... I would love those rotis with those accompaniments...... WOW!!!! tempting..... It is ten on ten prep deary!!!! Kudos!!!!


  20. lovely bajri roti...have to try this:)

  21. This is a very healthy and wholesome dish...but I couldnt get the flour here :)

  22. hey thanks for dropping by ...bajra roti is my favorite....once a week we make this roti with spinach dal
    and gatte ki sabji..specially duting winters...they taste awesome...and ur palette looks awesome...can i grab it...
    sanyukta gour(bayes)

  23. Never made bajra rotis, always nice to learn something new!!!

  24. oh my, that's a delicious plate you've got there!!! these millet rotis must have been great with the aubergine curry & the garlic chutney! great combination !!

  25. Wonderful and healthy roti.. thanks for sharing dear!!

  26. Wow thatz a yummy platter...looks so tempting :)

  27. That really delcious roti.. these rotis are perfect for summer..
    Nice combo with lasoon chutney!

  28. Yummy platter, healthy rotis....looks delicious.

  29. Healthy and yummy roti but never tried millet flour though....

  30. thank you for linking this delicious healthy roti

  31. That is delicious and so healthy!!! thanks for sharing this authentic and tasty dish!!
    chowringhee in Laxmi Nagar

  32. Great recipe and I could easily make it completely glutenfree.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler


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