Saturday, 7 August 2010

One more award..

This award was gifted to me by Aipi of  US Masala ,Satrupa of Food for thought, Pj of seduce your tastebuds , Deepa of hamari rasoi and Mina of Authentic vegetarian kitchen.

Thankyou ladies for passing this award to me , but as they say nothing comes free and the deal is that I have to reveal 7 things about my self and pass the award to some other unsuspecting blogger friends.

7 things about my self:

1.I never tire of cooking its a passion for me.
2.I enjoy eating but have to burn off the calories by excercising.
3.I love reading  and I have to read at least 2-3 pages before I sleep.
4.Since food blogging I am getting seriously obsessed with crockery and am always scouring shops for new bowls, dishes and  tablecloths to purchase.
5.I love travelling I just returned from a holiday to  Lanzarote-Canary Islands.
6.I write fiction and some poetry when time permits.
7.I hate a messy cooks so sharing my kitchen is very difficuly for me.

Thankyou to Torviewtotonto for sharing this award .

Its difficult to choose 15 blogger friends as all friends who arrive here are special  also many have already received this same award so I pass this award to any blogger visitor that visits here. Please feel free to pick up the award and show it off on your blog.


  1. congrats on the well deserving award dear:)
    it was good 2 know more about u..

  2. congrats on your beautiful award, ice cream cake looks awesome

  3. Congarts on awards and thx for sharing...

  4. I wish I could exercise too after

    Congrats dear on your awards. Nice to know about you.

  5. congrats on the well deserving award dear:)
    it was good 2 know more about u..

  6. Congratulations on the Awards...You deserve them! I like the new look on the blog as well.

  7. Congrats on your award... and nice to know about you.....

  8. Congrats on the award. That is wonderful!

  9. Congrats on ur awards..may more come in future....

  10. Heartiest congratulations to you for your award. Keep it up!

  11. Thank you so much for coming to visit and for making sure to pass on your well-deserved award ... :) I love your site -- I adore Indian food! And I have found the same addiction to plates and dishes -- anything that will make the food prettier for its blog pictures!

  12. Congrats well deserved saw the newsletter lovely

    Check out the event in my site


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