Sunday, 11 July 2010

Summer vacation - A blogging break.

Dear blogger friends, is taking a two week blogging break .
We are off to enjoy blue skies , sun, sea and golden sands.
Your visits and comments  are very much appreciated ,
they make my day and give me inspiration.
 During this time I will be unable to visit your blogs but rest assured,
I will try and catch up on my return.

Keep smiling, keep blogging and of course .
Please keep visiting , 
I hope you will take this time to visit any missed posts/archived sections.

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  1. Have a great holiday and come back with lots of new recipes

  2. Have a great holiday and come back with lots of new recipes

  3. happy vacations....enjoy and hv fun....

  4. hey dear
    Have a great time and ENJOY

    Kairali sisters

  5. Have fun gal and enjoy your vacation. See you soon.
    - RV (

  6. Bon Voyage. Where exactly is it that you are going? Have fun!

  7. Nayna, Enjoy the break..have great time:-)

  8. All the best,enjoy ur trip and come back...Waiting for ur yummy recipes.

  9. Have a wonderful and safe vacation Nayna. We will miss you.

  10. Hey thats so nice to have a break alwaz.....u need not wory abt it....v are alwaz there for u to give u more enthu and encourage u....u just enjoy ur vacation to an extent.....Happy Journey...

  11. Dear Nayana
    Bon Voyage!
    Wish you all e very enjoyable and exiting holiday...
    Going to cook today...the tri colour capsicum and Potato...I will use only the green ones because
    1. No guest is here to appreciate the color
    2. colored ones are very expensive ha ha
    It is a great recipe ...cant wait to eat for lunch..
    Take care

  12. happy vacation dear ...enjoy ur time fully n after come share ur lovely experience...bye bye

  13. Dear Nayna,
    Enjoy your break to the fullest. Have a safe journey. have lots of fun

    Hamaree Rasoi

  14. Happy vacation Nayna, enjoy ur vacation..

  15. Will surely miss hearing from you.... But I am sure will hear more when u r back... All stories & memories of your trip.... Have a great time.... God Bless!!!!


  16. Have a great vacation nayana,enjoy...

  17. Enjoy ur vacation and have fun:)

  18. Have a wonderful vacation dear.Wishu a safe and happy trip...

  19. Hey you are leaving as soon as I got back...No probs ,will catch up once you get trips ..and have loads of fun !!!


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