Tuesday, 31 August 2010

August 2010 ~ Newsletter.


Simply.food is excited to write its first newsletter.
August starts with a launch of a new themed event “Flavours of”, a series of events that will be guest hosted by fellow bloggers on behalf of simply.food.
The response for guest hosting has been tremendous and I thank everyone for showing such great support and enthusiasm for it.
The current event running is Favours of Gujarat which is hosted at simply.food.

Don’t forget to get your aprons on and start cooking. Gujarati food is delectable and mouth watering so do check out recipes and have a go at making and sampling this wonderful regional food.

You may send your entries here. There is no limit and archived entries are also acceptable.
For more details visit this post.

Homeobuzz - simply.food writes regular recipes for Homeobuzz magazine. The recipe that appeared in the august 2010 issue was strawberry ice cream.

August has been a hectic month with school holidays, vacation and family visits, updating simply.food posts has been difficult. I am happy to share with you some posts that I managed to post during snatched moments from my chaotic routine.

Egg less double chocolate chip cake- This I baked as indulgent treat to bribe the baccha party that had invaded our household to behave and give me some peace .

Kidney beans with potato curry- This recipe when time was limited and needed a fast and quick meal.

Murrbo- Just need some rotis and spread the murrbo and tiffin was ready for the picnics.

Gujarati badam pak- August celebrated raksha bandhan, what better sweet to make than this for your brother.


Farari bateta nu shak- August had many religious festive days this dish was perfect for those fasting days.

Mango Ice cream –Cooling and delicious, a good way to use up the abundant mangoes that were in season.

Spinach paratha- Healthy and delicious and were perfect with the rajma.

Guvar Dhokri-A lovely homely gujarati dish a wonderful come home dish after the vacation.

Awards –Its always wonderful to get appreciation, simply.food is proud to have received awards from fellow bloggers.
Thank you guys for sharing these awards and making simply.food worthy of them.
For those of you friends who missed this post please drop by here and collect the awards that simply.food would like to share with  you.

Finally if you enjoyed reading this news letter please do subscribe to it so that you can get regular updates.You may do this via this newsletter link via google friends connect on side bar on simply.food home page.
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  1. Nayna, that is a great idea to add newsletter. Love the summary of entire august in one place :)

  2. Great going Nayna !!! Will send you my entry this week
    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. How nice! I wish I could practice the same...but I know myself too well...I am too lazy.


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