Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fruit and Vegetable Carving ~ Melon Basket

Having completed  my 6th lesson in my carving class and I have progressed to melon carving.  I am pleased to say that my fingers have not occured any cuts this week and my carving skills are slightly improving.
My first attempt at the melon basket is simple and it is very basic compared to the intricate details that can be carved , however  even simple carving gives the melon a new dimension.
Simple flowers and leaf patterns  using lattice work gives a  very elegant look to  these melon baskets making them  wonderful centre pieces for a dinner party or  dessert table .They can be filled with fresh berries, melon balls of seasonal fruit.

Since I  have posted about my carving classes here and here, I have had many enquiries about  the books that I have purchased and the tools.
I am posting here some helpful links for purchasing books, basic tools and also links to u tube videos  that are fairly good for learning fruit and vegetable classes in your own home.

I hope to continue next year  and most certainly I will  continue to utilize my few found interest and the skills it has taught me in my food presentation. It is a skill worth mastering.
I certainly hope that reading about my carving interest has encouraged some of my blogger friends to try this wonderful skill, do drop me a line if you do.

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Submitting to:
Create n Carve  ~ Fruit and Veg event by , hosted by Mina

If you are in UK you can buy knives from here
You may  also purchase knives and books by clicking on these amazon links below.


  1. wow!!..u've got talent looks wonderful and professional!...even the design is so intricate!

  2. whoa !!! you rock, simply amazing and mind blowing work dear. Congrats !!!

  3. Thanks for posting the link Nayna. Beautiful you are really talented.

  4. Hey Nayna,

    That looks smashing dear...Havent tried carving on fruits!!Have carved only teeth!!:)


  5. The designs are so intricate...Good job.

  6. Wow! Looksv wonderful and great work dear:)

  7. No words to say, simply supeb!

  8. Melon basket looks amazing. Great work.

  9. Good job! Please share more of your works, they are nice and made with love

  10. Melon basket looks sooo cute,awesome and very catchy..

  11. Love the detailed work on melon ...Very well done Nanya. U r becoming an expert on carving :-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Melon Basket Looks so Cute!!!! So nice of you to share the links!!!

  13. Nayna,

    The basket is simply lovely!

    Looking forward to seeing carved fruit and veg in all your blog posts!

  14. this surely needs lot of talent and patience too!! good job!

  15. Very beautiful!!!! U r very talented & surely dedicated.... They are all awesome pieces of admiration..... :)


  16. Really feel short of words to define the magic n beauty of ur wonderful carvings.... Amazing , awesome are too smaller a words to define these divine carved beauties !!! Great work !!!!

  17. wow grt dear. need talent and patience for this. lovelyyyy

  18. That basket is simply fabulous! All your carvings so far look very pretty.

  19. Awesome i really loved it so much.


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