Saturday, 4 December 2010

November 2010 ~ Newsletter
UK is in sub zero temperatures with snow and ice which is dominating the entire country as we are not used to snow in November. With the cold freezing winter and dark early evenings it’s the perfect time to spend time in a warm kitchen experiments with new ingredients and producing mouth watering dishes to keep busy. I am just dreading what this entire culinary experience is going to do to my weight; I can’t bear to think about it.....But I guess thats another story.:)

Here is a recap of  posts created in the month of November.

Announcing two new events:

The culinary journey of "Flavours of "event  started in Gujarat and progressed to Punjab we are now taking a rest at Goa with the introduction of the event:

 Flavours of Goa guest hosted by Denise of oh taste and see 

Looking forward to everyones participation in this wonderful cuisine.

The next event was inspired by my Fruit and Vegetable carving classes. I have had so many enquiries about it that I thought why not get all my blogger buddies involved in creating and carving and so the next event was born

1st December 2010 - 31st December 2010

Both events are very different,  one taking you to a culinary journey to the shores of Goa where you can cook wonderful Goan cuisine and the other event that will put your creativity to the test and give you a master class in garnishing and carving fruit and veg.

If you have an event to announce a fellow blogger has a blog specifically for announcing  blog events. Please feel free to send your events to be included in the list  here.

Cooking good food is an art but importantly more you need to paint a picture with this art to please the eye and palate and what better way than create and garnish it with pleasing colours and garnishes.

simplyfood’s published recipe for the month of November in Homeobuzz magazine is  Pumpkin and apple soup 

Last but not least I am happy that has been chosen as one of the featured blogs during the month of December on their home page of Blogging women. It is wonderful to get this exposure and recognition.

Welcome to all new followers, and thanks to the existing .Your visits, words of inspiration and comments are most valued.
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You can also find at:



  1. congrats on being featured ! keep up the good work !

  2. I too would positively like to participate in both the events.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. I love your newsletter. What a great way to recap everything for the month.


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