Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Three more awards to share.:) and a request.


Thee lovely awards were shared by Smitha of smithaspicyflavours.

Thankyou Smitha for being so very generous and showering simply.food with such beautiful awards.
I would like to share there with all my lovely visitors, please feel free to accept the awards and show them off on your blogs.
A request , please do participate:

1st December 2010 - 31st December 2010

Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Veg event was launched  at the beginning of this month after many requests that I  had to share carving tutorials following my recent carving classes.I thought having the tutorials and then an event to show off the creations would be a nice encouragement and will give us all bloggers a chance to learn a new skill..You may click here for the event details.

Unfortunately, I have not had a surge of entries , I guess that is due to lack of knowledge in this art.  To help everyone I have listed some video tutorials here  for beginners and Intermediate.You can try one of these tutorials and send entry of your creation. It does not have to be a masterpice any small carving is a stepping stone to learn more intricate carvings.
Looking forward to more entries. I have had requests that I allow archived entries, so going with the request archived entries will be accepted if reposted with event link.
Some  guest hosting  for this event are still available for this event if you are interested in guest hosting please email me.


  1. wow, congrats dear on all 3 awards :)

  2. congrats dear...u n ur blog deserve them!

  3. Congratulations on your awards. I love the creative look you have started with the vegetables. One of these days - I will try carving something easy ...

  4. congrats--- want to participate but can't dish out those wowie crafts which u dole out ! nevertheless will try n do somethg simple n send across !


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