Friday, 18 March 2011

Apple Swan - Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetables

After a short break , I am back to my carving classes. Extremely rusty with the knife, I am extra cautious to keep my fingers intact while I re brush on my knife skills.
I attempted these apple swans which can be seen from these videos:

Apple Swan 1
Apple Swan 2
Appple Swan 3

My attempts were no where as good as the carvings in the videos but  I guess practise makes perfect.
Carving Fruit and vegetables is fun all it needs a sharp paring knife and a little bit of imagination. If you want to have a go  at simple garnishes and carving do check out these simple beginners tutorials from  here.

Submitting to :

Spice Ur Senses Treat to the Eye event 2

 Create n Carve~ Fruit and Vegetable event by guest hosted by Helen of Fuss free flavours

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  1. lovely apple swan...looks gorgeous...u did it perfectly...thanks dear for stopping by and for ur inspiring comments always...missed u ...betn how was ur vacation..??wil def send my entries for ur event...

  2. Inspite of being rustic, the end result is beautiful, looks like you haven't lost your magic touch!

  3. looks really creative..u rock !

  4. I really want to learn how to make something like this. I am always amazed by the people that are so good in it.
    baby crib

  5. Very innovative and beautiful creation using apple.

    Hamaree Rasoi



  7. Goodness gracious, what a beautiful creation! Find from just a single apple! I absolutely love it :)

  8. They look so decorative and pretty!

  9. simply superb ! hats off to ur creativity !!

  10. very innovative creation using apple......

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