Monday, 2 May 2011

Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Veg Event- April Roundup and announcing May Event

I have received  24 eye catching assortment of entries . Thankyou to all the participants.
Here is the awesome April Create  n Carve ~Fruit and Vegetable roundup of the entries:

Fruit Fan by Elena


Teddy Bear Table Decoration   and  Snowy day by Shobha


Papaya Boat  and Radish Flower basket by Shobha

   Water melon Basket by Marri

Banana Boat by Nithya

Assorted vegetable garnishes and carvings by Sanyukta.



Fruits Bouquet by Harika

Fruit Platter by Sonia

Snoopy by Linda

If you would like to learn to make this radish arrangement , Nita is offering a free video tutorial on it on her blog.

Banana dog by Chitra

Kiwi Duck by Melissa

It is really heart warming to see so many talented bloggers out there who are so passionate about carving fruit and vegetables. Be it an elaborate carving or a simple garnish, the overall result is to make a  plate of beautiful beautiful and appealing to the eye.

The May Create n Carve ~ Fruit and vegetable  is being Hosted by Harika from Harikas Kitchen, This is her 1st blog event , so I hope you will all support her  by participating. Please click here to get more details and  where to send in your entries.

Carving and Garnishing does not have to be difficult nor does it need specialist tools, All that is required is a passion and some creativity.If you wish to have a go please check out these simple tutorials here.

If you wish to purchase carving knives you can buy them from Amazon by clicking on the images below.


  1. wow they are so beautiful, I loved the tomato elephants, they are soooo cute

  2. Loved this post , so many ideas for carving

  3. Lovely roundup. Everybody is so talented.


  4. MArvellous roundup, beautiful cravings..

  5. creative and inspirational
    thank you for the roundup

  6. Beautiful carvings!! The swan & the radish are absolutely stunning!!

  7. Awesome roundup! Loved the carvings..I had tried out the radish flowers of Shobha Mam, and they came out well..would like to try some more...

  8. Some of the carvings are really beautiful.

  9. OMG !!! what beautiful creations. I always enjoy this roundup the most. Thanks for continuing it :)

  10. I just loved your idea of fruit carving which not only makes the dish look appealing, but also appetizing :)


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