Saturday, 28 May 2011

Simple Capsicum Basket- Create n Carve ~Fruit and Vegetable.

Capsicum Basket  a simple yet elegant garnish.  A very easy method of carving a capsicum to form  a basket to hold a filling of rice, dips or chutneys .

1.To form a handel, from the top of the capsicum,cut two vertical parallel cuts approx 1 inch long  into the centre of the capsicum from each side of the stem.
2.Cut two horizontal semi circle cuts around the capsicum diameter on each side of it to join the two vertical cuts.
3. Remove these parts to form a handle.

4. With a spoon scrap out the inside of the capsicum to form a cavity.
5. Using a sharp knife cut out the white seeded part from the central stem part of the handle (Making sure you don't cut the handle off)
6. Cut zigzag "V" shapes around the basket rim to decorate it.
7. You may need to cut off a very thin slice from the bottom of the capsicum to make it sit evenly and flat on the plate.

8. Place capsicum basket on serving platter and fill with desired filling.

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 Create n Carve ~Fruit and Vegetable Event by  guest hosted by Harikas Kitchen.


  1. this is just superb and very easy to make. I shud give it a try

  2. awee capsicum basket is so cute!

  3. Lovely basket... Nice carving...

  4. What an creativity looks very fabulous...

  5. Doesn't look that difficult...a must try! :)

  6. Awesome...looks beautiful

  7. Awesome carving and simple to make too..looks beautiful.

  8. Basket is looking great.....very nice idea......and nice click toooo

  9. wonderful way to serve I like serving in different coloured peppers
    beautifully done with the zig zag

  10. What a great creativity nayna. Love, how you have filled it with rice :)

  11. Elegant looking capsicum basket have done it so neatly.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Colorful and flavorful chapathis dear...

  13. Salads can be really tasty. All that lettuce topped with your favorite dressing and sprinkled with other toppings is enough to make your mouth water.

    vegetable salad decoration ideas


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