Sunday, 5 June 2011

Apple and Carrot Roses~ Fruit and Vegetable carving

These  pretty roses are all carved from  apples and carrots. They make beautiful salad garnishes and decorations for a dessert table.
To see how to carve them do check out the video here  and  here. This method of carving roses can be done with any hard fruit or vegetable such as potatoes, apples, melons, turnip, squash, radish and beetroots.

To Carve these carrot roses you will need large fat carrots and they have to be really fresh.

Apple carvings are easy to do but try and use apples that are firm and crisp.

To stop the apple from going black soak the carved fruit in water with lemon juice added to it.

Carving can be fun and very rewarding. If you wish to try some basic carvings do check out the simple video tutorials here.

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Submitting to Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable June , event by guest hosted By Linda of Learntocarve


  1. Looks soo beautiful... awesome job dear !!
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  2. absolutely amazing! beauty roses! gloria

  3. Looks so neat and nice :)

  4. Fabulous!!!!!!
    fantastic work!!!

    Happy Blogging!!!!
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  5. wow wow so beautiful !! nice artwork !!

  6. Awesome edible roses all look gorgeous.

  7. gr8 work ,beautifull carving

  8. so would be nice to see how you did it..I mean step by step pictures..

  9. Wow..amazing carvings looks so beauitiful!!

  10. So pretty and beautifully craved roses,cute..

  11. Very beautifully crafted. Roses looks gorgeous and lovely.

  12. Very lovely! Thank you for the submission :-D

  13. Awesome and fabulous carving...

  14. very lovely..and nice

  15. So beautiful and you make it sound so simple, thanks !


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