Sunday, 5 June 2011

Event announcements and event roundups.

Our culinary travels in the "Flavours of " series had a two month stop at Priyas blog where we were sampling bengali cuisine during Flavours of Bengal . The event was very popular and Priya received an amazing 86 entries and she created an wonderful round up which you can find here.

With our culinary experience over in Bengal we now embark on our journey onwards to Rajasthan for our next event Flavours of Rajasthan which is being guest by Sonu of Palatecorner .Do check out her space for more details and to send your entries.As this is Sonus 1st event please do encourage her by supporting the event and sending her your entries. Check here for details.

Create and Carve~ Fruit and Vegetable event May was hosted by Harika. She had some pretty entries. Click here to check them out.

The June Create and Carve ~Fruit and Vegetable event is being hosted by Linda of learning to carve fruit. Linda has a wonderful blog where she posts her beautiful creations together with video tutorials also for people who wish to learn this beautiful art.
To participate in this event please do drop by Linda blog for more details.

During May hosted the Only Coolers and Mocktail event By Pari of Foodelicious. It was wonderful trying to concot so many wonderful drinks and the support for this event was tremendous with 60 entries.

You can check out the round up here
Roundup part 1

Roundup part 2

The Month of June simply food will also be guest hosting the Breakfast club event#11 -Berries.Please do check it out and send your entries.

All these events can be found at Foodie Events Diary - The Food Blog Diary . This blog is run by Jacqueline who so kindly updates it so that al lthe on going events are in one place and easy to find.

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