Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Triple Roses, buds and leaves melon carving ~ Fruit and Vegetable Carving.

I am continuing with my carving classes and the theme this term has been carving roses . Starting with simple carrort roses  which progressed to roses on potatoes, apples, radishes and also squash. The different textures of fruit and vegetables give different results and all are fun and interesting to carve as you can also get a combination of colours depending on the fruit or vegetable you use.
Having tried many of these fruits and vegetables , I have now attempted to carve larger fruits such as melons. These are particularly good as you can combine flowers, buds and leaves  and make beautiful carvings.

These are my 1st attempts as creating a multiple rose, bud and leaves combination on a melon. Although I have a very long way to go to get a professional  and polished finish I am really enjoying the beauty of the carvings.

You can get ideas of how to do these carvings by watching this video, although the video  is showing a melon carving the basic principle is the same and as a learner it is easier to carve these roses on smaller vegetables such  potato and pumpkin.
Here are more detailed videos.
Rose melon carving part 1
Rose melon carving part 2

Fruit and vegetable carving  can produce really pretty garnishes and simple decorations. It does not need any specialist tools , just a simple sharp knife.
If you want to have ago check this link out for a beginners  videos.
To purchase a simple basic carving knife  click on the below amazon links to purchase.

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  1. wow Nayna, amazing job yaar, maza aa gaya :)

  2. look absolutely beauty! gloria

  3. Incredible, wonderful efforts..

  4. amazing!!!
    grt work!!
    glad to watch them..
    keep going...

  5. amazing work...
    sooo beautifull
    glad to see them..
    keep going..

  6. Beautiful carving...the roses seem to be alive.

  7. Dear Nayana
    How are you?
    I am enjoying all your postings on this series and also the mocktails , great indeed.
    Let me have a look at the Bengali food round up .
    Have a nice day

  8. Awesome Carving Nyna....Simply beautiful

  9. You are an artist! beautiful carvings...

  10. OMG!!! you became an expert in fruit carving.. wonderful job dear.. i hope you have lots of patience for this... i tried bt i couldn.. :)

  11. Really very pretty! Saw this in my stream and I had to click to see the picture! :)

  12. these carvings are stunning


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