Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Marigold Flowers - Fruit and Vegetable Carving

Carving flowers from fruit and vegetables is something I am really enjoying, There are so many types of flowers with different petals and shapes. Each as  beautiful as the other.

Here I have tried a flower with a uniform petal shape, this is achieved using a u shape petal cutter rather than freehand method that is used on carving roses and carnations.You can use any vegetable or fruit such as carrots, radish, melon, potato, butter nut squash or pumpkin. My favourite vegetable to carve with is butternut squash as it has a wonderful texture and gives awesome results.
Here I have used butternut squash primarily for the orange colour.

Carving and making garnishes from fruit and vegetable is a simple and enjoyable hobby, it requires no special tools just a simple sharp paring knife and a video tutorial telling you how to do it.If you wish to have a go checkout the simple instructions here.

You have like:
Melon Rose carving
Submitting to:
Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable event by simply.food. guest hosted bySara of Saras Corner

To purchase the Bird beak carving knife click on the amazon link below.


  1. That looks beautiful Nayna. Which veggie did you use for this?

  2. I swear I don possess much patience to do this kinda awesome job !!! looks great

  3. Nayna, the carving art can be really capturing. Nice flower, looks sexy, what is it carved of? I have sent several carving projects to Saras Corner for the July Event

  4. Your carvings are a visual delight ! I too share the interest with you. You have made steady progress working your way through... I too am itching to lay my hands on those tools..but amazon is not within my reach.

  5. Wow! You are so good at carving... great work :-)

  6. OMG thats simply amazing , the flower looks very much out of the garden than that of a vegetable !!! Love ur creations.....

  7. I can't take my eyes off that carving. WOnderful!!

  8. Wow..looks so pretty and perfectly done..good work!!

  9. goshhh.. i dont have wrds,.. amazing dear :)

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