Friday, 30 September 2011

Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Veg Event- August and September Round ups

The Create n Carve ~Fruit and Vegetable Event has come to an end and here are the final two round ups.

Create n Carve ~Fruit  and Vegetable
August 2011 Round up
September 2011Round Up

The journey of Create n Carve started last year when I joined Fruit and Vegetable carving classes after admiring the beautiful garnishes and creations that my favorite chinese restaurant always had on display. I had no idea how to carve  let alone handle a sharp carving knife which cause me to have many acuts on my fingers.However with perseverence my skills improved stedily and my interest in carving grew stronger. This is when Create n Carve Fruit and Vegetable events were born. I wanted to inspire others to try their hand at garnishing and Carvings.
To see how I progressed , click here to see my attempts are carving.

The events  were well received and I want to thank all the participants and of course the guest hosts:  Mina, Helen,  Harika ,Sara, Linda, Sonia and Selena who supported these events and made create n carve so very successful.
I hope that this event inspired some of you to take up carving and garnishing it certainly has taught me some  skills which I hope to continue improving.

You can see all the event round ups here.
You can also try your hand at simple carvings by watching the tutorials here.

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