Sunday, 4 September 2011

Intricate Water Melon Carving ~ Create n Carve Fruit and Vegeetable.

This watermelon carving is my 1st attempt at grouping  multiple flowers and leaves together over a whole melon. It took me nearly 4 hours of carving to carve this design. There are many errors but I am sure practise will improve results next time.

If you are inspired by these garnishes and want to give it a try why not check out these videos to help you get started. You can showcase your carvings by participating in the  September Create n Carve Event.

Announcing September Create n Carve ~Fruit and Vegetable Event which is guest hosted this month by Selena of Fruit carving arrangements and food Garnishes.For those of you who are new to this event, its an event where you can awaken  up your creative instincts and make visual displays using fruit and vegetables. Selena who is our host this month is an expert carver. She makes displays for weddings and parties and she has kindly accaepted to host the September event. Do visit her blog , trust me once you do you will vist her space again and again because her creations are amazing.

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Submitting to:
Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable August event by guest hosted by Selena of Fruit carving arrangements and food Garnishes.

To purchase the Bird beak carving knife click on the amazon link below.


  1. What I like about carvinf art is that bringing a joy to our nearest&dearest and to yourself. Good job made with blessed hands!

  2. Wonderful cravings, soo elegant and pretty..

  3. beautiful Carvings. I wonder abt your talent. Keep rocking!!!


  4. omg..thats really a very good job...hats of to u..ur such a artist...lovely melon flower

  5. This looks so nice...cant imagine how you were patient until finish this flowers petal by petal without breaking...

  6. These carvings are amazing! Might give them a shot one day! If I don't eat the fruits first!!

  7. This are fantastic! It must take a lot of patience!

  8. Wonderful and so creative!

  9. Beautiful, I saw some amazing examples of food carving when I was in Thailand a few years ago

  10. I saw some amazing examples of this when I lived in Bangkok, Thailand


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