Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A surprise visit from the Fairy Hobmother.

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Christmas has come a few days early for me, as I had a super surprise visit from the Fairy Hobmother of Appliances on line,  a haven for kitchen appliances, which  offers free advise on products and is open 7 days a week for purchases. I read  about the Fairy Hobmother granting wishes on Mina's blog Authentic Vegetarian recipes so I had left a humble request for her to visit simply.food and grant me a wish too. Having totally forgotten about the wish, I was astounded to know that my wish had been granted, the Fairy Hobmother had dropped by simply.food and gifted me a christmas gift  in the form of an amazon gift voucher to redeem againt a kitchen appliance of my choice.

The Fairy Hobmother tells me she is busy speading christmas cheer throughout December and is visiting many blogs so if you would like to request a visit from her and make a wish, please leave a comment here inviting the Fairy Hobmother to visit your blog and grant you a wish too. She tells me that she will be returning here to check the requests so you never know, like me you too may get lucky and she will pay you a visit too............... Oh yes and one more thing, pls dont't forget to join this site via google connect gadget  in the side bar of this blog  so you can keep up with the latest news.


  1. I'd love a visit. As usual I can think of loads of new kitchen gadgets I'd love.

  2. What a lovely Christmas present. The fairy hobmother has been quite elusive for me so I hope I get lucky this time and get a visit from her! Dear Fairy Hobmother, please feel free to visit my blog and grant me my wishes :) Thank you.

  3. Merry Christmas Fairy Hobmother, I would be very pleased if you would come and visit my little blog - Red Rose Mummy.

  4. Dear Fairy Hobmother! Come and visit me any time you wish, I will bake some cookies for you.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Dear Fairy Hobmother,

    My lovely daughter Squeaky, the star of http://squeakybaby.blogspot.com would like to invite you over for chocolate crispy cakes and cheese straws. She says she'll even make sure I don't eat them all first.

    Apparently her wish involves all her favourite CBeebies characters, especially Katie from I Can Cook, and wishing that mummy could cook that well. Hmmmm, she's trying to tell me something, isn't she?

  6. Oh how exciting, i'd love the Fairy Hobmother to visit my blog.

    My wish would be for a new food mixer ( as I dropped mine & can't afford to replace it) so no sponge cakes or anything that needs whisking get's made at mine now.

    Thanks so much for the chance.


  7. What a wonderful gift! Dear Fairy Hobmother - I would be very, very happy if you could visit my blog and grant me a wish. Top of the wishlist for most people is a KithenAid but I won't be asking for that, just a simple microwave that works will suit me fine. Thank you :)

  8. I have only recently started blogging and have been astounded by how it has rejuvenated my belief in the community spirit. In britain especially in towns we are losing our sense of community spirit but small ideas such as the fairy hobmother, the great food blogger cookie swap and the curiosity project show how the sense of community is just changing with the times not disappearing. When I am feeling down I bake and then leave it on friends doorsteps anonymously hoping it will make their day.

  9. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother! Please please make my Christmas and come visit my blog! I promise you'll like it :)

  10. Dear Fairy hobmother
    Wish you a very happy christams and new year ...plz do visit my blog and give your blessings and grant my wishes :-) Thank you

  11. Wow, that's a fantastic news, i have never won anything in my life...., this must be exciting that somebodv sending gift, oh! Fairy Hob Mother do please visit me, as i love all kitchen things, they are my favourite things, visit my blog and give me your wishes thank you :)
    Thanks for tellung this to us nayana

  12. Congratulations Nayna on having a wish granted !!! Enjoy..

    Dear Fairy God Mother ,
    I would love if you can visit my space and grant me a wish !!!
    I would love to have a Kitchen Aid in my kitchen... I just wish !!!

    Wish u a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!


  13. dear fairy hobmother please come and sprinkle some fairy dust on my blog ...I need help!

  14. wat a wonderful surprise for the occassion:) Oh Fairy Hob Mother i would be very pleased if you could drop me visit at my small place at http://kadhyaa.blogspot.com thanks

  15. I am so glad that you were visted by the Fairy hobmother. Hope you enjoy spending your voucher on Amazon!!

  16. wow that's really fantastic Christmas gift....I wish even i had got such surprise gift.......

    O Dear Fairy Hobmother! plzzzzzzzzzzz Come and visit my blog as early as possible, and give me some good surprise gift..atleast for new year...

    my blog ID to make u easy to visit


  17. Congrats dear for your X'mas wish got fulfilled.....

    Dear Fairy Hobmother, I'm waiting for U with some sugar Cookies to welcome U, I always have a long list of kitchen stuff to Buy.




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