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Giveaway and review Book Party Cupcakes by Shereen van Ballegooyen

I recently received Party Cupcakes, a book by Shereen van Ballegooyen. The book is the latest addition to the popular Cozy series.It is a beautifully illustrated book with step by step instructions with pictures on how to create party cupcakes ranging from cute cakes for children’s parties, to baby shower cupcakes to celebration cupcakes.
There are thirty individual designs to create and each design is fully illustrated with step by step easy to follow pictures and written instructions.  
At the back of the book there are various useful sections:
  • Equipment for decorating -showing pictures of the different types of equipment that is required.
  • Ingredients for decorating- Pictures showing ingredients required for decorating
  • Colours used in the book- A guide to the colours used for the different projects in the book
  • Cup cake recipes- Basic chocolate and vanilla cup cake recipes to get you started
  • Recipes for decoration- Recipes for making the different types of decorations such as butter cream. Modelling paste, sugar glue and sugar paste.
  • Preparation for decorations- This section gives detailed step by step pictorial instructions on how to apply sugar paste to the cupcakes and also how to apply butter cream.
  • Making the decorations- This section shows how to mould arms, legs and body and another section on making flowers and leaves. 
The book is colourful and very easy to follow. The instructions are detailed and even a beginner would be able to create the beautiful cupcakes illustrated in the book.

Pub Date
Party Cupcakes

van Ballegooyen
 £ 9.99
May 13

The book is available from Amazon and from The GMC Group
I have really enjoyed looking through the book and creating some of the cup cakes from it. Although all the designs are beautiful I would have liked the book to  a few designs that were more aimed at a masculine cup cakes.

My Score:
Content 4/5
Illustrations 5/5
Instructions 5/5
Overall score 14/15

I have had a lot of fun creating the cup cakes from the book, I made the pig and the elephant cupcakes using the basic vanilla cake mix cake recipe in the book.

Thank you to GMC Distribution for sending me this book to review. All the views and opinions in this post are my own.
GMC have also kindly agreed to provide a prize for one reader to receive the Party Cupcake book.

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  1. I love chocolate ones.

  2. Chocolate for both the cupcake and frosting

  3. Vanilla cake with lemon icing.

  4. I love lemon, maybe with pistachios or pecans and topped with lemon icing and candied lemon peel curls.

  5. definitely a vanilla cupcake girl!

  6. Red velvet cupcakes, they're delicious!

  7. I love Vanilla cupcakes ... nom nom nom

  8. Strawberry and bannana not typical!

  9. chocolate ones are the best

  10. I love chocolate or red velvet mmm :)

  11. chocolate are my favourite, cant beat a chocolate fix!

  12. I like coffee and walnut. Yum!

  13. Has to be simple vanilla, but with a lovely choccie topping.

  14. Vanilla Cupcakes with chocolate icing

  15. I love coffee flavoured cakes, my Mother used to make them using camp coffee, ahhh memories.!

  16. Vanilla buttercream!

  17. Mmmmmm!!!!! has to be chocolate x

  18. Red Velvet with Vanilla Buttercream

  19. I love traditional vanilla

  20. double chocolate chunk ! mmmmm

  21. Lemon flavour is my favourite

  22. Chocolate fudge frosting with chocolate drizzle.

  23. chocolate orange or strawberry yum yum

  24. i love chocolate cup cakes!

  25. Lemon! just to be different. Though vanilla is gorgeous too.

  26. I love good old vanilla flavour

  27. Chocolate :D


  28. Plain sponge - with raspberry :)

  29. chocolateeee

  30. I love chocolate cupcakes :)

  31. you can't beat classic vanilla

  32. I love just plain cupcakes :}

  33. Caramel flavoured cupcakes. The caramel is mixed with the cupcake batter, it's amazing!

  34. I think even I could manage to make remarkable cupcakes with the help of this magic book! Fab !!!!

  35. Ilove vanilla cupcakes with raspberry jam in the centre and lots of frosting :)

  36. Chocolate are amazing but I love lemon equally :O


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