Friday, 30 August 2013

An introduction to a new arrival. is 4 years and 10 months old and I have been pondering over the idea for some time and to create a blog that was complimentary to I am really passionate about food and has given me a wonderful platform to share my vegetarian recipes over the years. I have been content with the ethos of simply food which concentrated on healthy, simple vegetarian home cooking and I didn't want to dilute the theme by writing about other topics so finally has a sister blog.

Today I am pleased to announce the birth of Citrus Spice, it is a blog where I shall bring my readers new posts about my travels, my experiments with food photography whilst I learn to master my new DSLR, I have yet to get off the auto mode!!!:)I shall write about arts and crafts and share some of my creations that I hope to produce together with posts about my sewing projects.I have cleaned and dusted and oiled the sewing machine and have already created a lovely little project on it which I shall share soon in blog post

Finally I hate to admit but I am obsessed with props, at every opportunity I try and scour for props I just can't help it. My cupboards are brimming full with plates, crockery, cutlery, napkins, boards and too many things to mention. I have many stories to tell about how I obtained some of these beauties and I hope to amuse my readers about my prop searching antics.

Over the years, I have made and met some wonderful blogger friends from all over the world through visiting their blogs, meeting up with them at events and workshops.Their support has been tremendous resulting in the success of Rest assured is not retiring, in fact you will notice that its had a mini makeover and I have many new recipes lined up. I truly hope that my readers will shower the same love and support I have received  here to my new space Citrus Spice.
You are all invited to drop by Citrus Spice, your love, support, follow and  feedback will be most appreciated.


  1. Congratulations fr ur new baby blog :)) nd best wishes

  2. Sounds fab! I feel like saying congratulations on the birth of your new baby! LOL Off to check it out!

  3. Congratulations on the new arrival. Looking forward to seeing this one grow too.

  4. Well done for your great blog! I'm following both yeah!


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