Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Feel Good Drinks - a review

I recently received a selection of drinks from Feel Good Drinks, The drinks are made from fruit, water and no added sugar or artificial additives. The drinks are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs.

Feel good drinks-The selection of flavours such as apple and blueberry,cranberry and apple,cranberry and lime, orange and passionfruit, orange and mango and cloudy lemon were all really delicious.My particular favorite was the orange and passionfruit and the orange and mango.

Feel Good Water-In the range I was  sent two flavours of  the feel good waters.They are gently flavours yet delicious served chilled with a few ice cubes. I tried the lime and the pomegranate flavours. Both are fairly plain with just a hint of flavour.

Feel good Cocktails- These are all  non alcoholic and come in three amazing flavours Peach Bellini,Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri. These are perfect for teetotallers and are really delicious served with ice.By far these were my favorite from the range and I will definitely be serving these at my next party.

Having tried the feel good range I am totally convinced of their goodness as the flavours were refreshing and all the drinks are healthy with out added sugars.You can buy the Feel good range from most major supermarkets.

I would like to thank Feel Good Drinks for sending me the samples.All the views and opinions in this post are my own.


  1. Thanks for the review of the new drinks of the town. Hope to get them in India soon.

  2. The cocktails sound amazing! I'm not much of an alcohol drinker so I'd love to give these a try.


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