Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tidbits from my Pantry and a giveaway

I always love receiving food parcels and food presents especially if the items are unusual and from different countries. This month I have received some really unusual food gifts with very different textures and tastes.

A friend came from Vietnam and brought me a box of Green bean cake. Upon opening there were little gold coloured boxes and when opening them there were little smaller boxes wrapped in gold foil. Inside were immaculately cut 1 cm cubes of Green bean cake. The texture was like  halwa  and powdery. The taste was very unusual almost grainy and decadently sweet.

My next item that I received were some really delicious salted pistachio nuts from Morocco, They were simply delicious and so moreish.
Unlike some cheap pistachios these were very easy to crack open and the flavour was crisp and salty.

I also received some banana chips and some Japanese rice crackers these did not travel across the world but they were given to me by my patient at work, I think they may have come from an oriental supermarket somewhere.

I have always eaten salty banana chips but these were sweet banana chips. They had a subtle sweetness to them and were slightly thicker than the normal salty banana chips I had eaten in the past.

I have never eaten Japanese rice crackers, the packet had a selection of different crackers in all shapes sizes and textures. They had a sesame seed seasoning, they were savory to eat and made  perfect nibbles with a glass of wine.

My last food parcel was from Love Marlenka, they make very unusual Armenian honey cake using traditional old Armenian recipe.All the cakes are free from artificial colours and preservatives.

In the parcel was Marlenka Dortek cake a honey mini cake A delicious layered cake drizzled with honey and chocolate.

Marlenka snack bars made from the moist honey cake with a sweet soft filling in the centre.The cakes are called cocoa mini snack .The filling inside was a most like buttercream but slightly runnier.The cake bars had an outer covering of dark chocolate.

The parcel also had a box of Marlenka honey nuggets with cocoa.These were small balls of cake rolled in cocoa with a soft creamy filled centre.They had a very moist and spongy texture almost like cake balls.

Love Marlenka have been very kind and they have agreed to send one simplyfood reader a parcel of their cakes to sample. They will include:
  • A box of Nuggets
  • A mini box of Napoleonky
  • A honey snack

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  1. Oh what some great looking snacks. The Honey Nuggests in particular look amazing. x

    1. wow such a lovely idea to receive in post would be lovely

  2. This is such a fantastic idea for a post. I love the idea of receiving food parcels.

  3. Lemon Drizzle cake is my absolute favourite

    kirstyjfox AT yahoo DOT com

  4. Carrot cake I absolutely love but you can never go wrong with a good old Victoria Sponge x

  5. Wow.. so many goodies.. I have only tasted the Japanese rice crackers from the lot.

  6. Chocolate or normal vanilla sponge

  7. Coffee cake - Joanne Beale

  8. Chocolate and orange

    Kay Panayi

  9. Lemon or carrot Cake, cannot decide yum!

  10. Vanilla sponge. :)

  11. Carrot cake with nuts in :P

  12. Honey cake does it for me :)

  13. Chocolate. Moist, gooey chocolate!

  14. Elizabeth Hinds18 June 2015 at 20:12

    Coffee :)

  15. Lemon or orange flavour - LEANNE W

  16. form me its lemon i love lemon flavoured cakes

  17. It's coffee and walnut for me.

  18. chocolate fudge cake

  19. Carrot cake - has to be nice a moist though!

  20. I love blueberry and lemon cake :)

  21. Chocolate zucchini (courgette) cake.

  22. I love a good strong coffee flavoured cake

  23. A nice walnut cake for me!!!

  24. chocolate! chocolate! chocolate!

  25. These look so good! I'd say carrot cake is probably my favourite :)

  26. Coffee and walnut. @jaizduck

  27. I love a nice moist lemon cake :)

  28. i love a nice vanilla sponge with raspberry jam

  29. Chocolate :)


  30. Chocolate mmmm

  31. I love carrot cake -


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