Thursday 4 March 2010

Khichdi (rice with lentils)

Khichdi-A glutonous porridge type of rice dish made with short grain rice and lentils.It is a hearty gujarati comfort food which is served with spinach or aubergine curry, kadhi (yoghurt soup)and rotla(millet rotis).


1 cup patna shortgrain rice or thai jasmine basmati rice
3/4 cup split moong dhal with husk
1 teaspoon turmeric
2 teaspoons salt.
1 dollop of butter or ghee for serving
6 cups water


1.Wash the rice and dhal and place in a deep saucepan .
2.Add the water and the salt and turmeric.
3.Leave to soak for 1 hour
4.After 1 hour bring the rice and dhal mixture to boil, once boiling,turn the heat to the lowest setting cover the pan and leave to simmer for about 25 minutes
5.The khichdi is ready when all the water is absorbed ,it should be glutonous and soft and sticky.
6.While khichdi is still hot mix throughly and add a dollop of butter or ghee before serving.

Serve with aubergine or spinach sabji, kadhi and rotla.

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  1. We call it pongal looks delicious and yummy!!! I kinda dont use turmeric powder, but use peppercorns and cumin seeds.... Scrumptious!!!

  2. Typical kathiyawadi jamvanu che..haa!! Love khichdi anytime..I make in pressure cooker...looks very comforting and delicious..kehvat che ke "Vakhaneli khichdi dadhe valge"

  3. The Paruppu Saatham(Khichdi) looks very healthy and divine.Hold the butter, but please pass the bowl. :)

  4. Real comforting food...yumm i can eat them anytime..

  5. Simple & any spicy gravy will go very well with this..........

  6. Khichdi is so comforting...Love this wholesome meal :-)

  7. Simple and quick recipe dear!!!

  8. Yumm..perfect comfort food

  9. heavenly one pot meal.i make with basmathi rice.will try that brinjal masala.

  10. such a simple healthy and tasty dish!!! real comfort food...

  11. this one has brought alive so many memories..My mom makes it so often..Have to make it soon..Thanks for reminding!!

  12. Yes :)

    I have bookmarked something from you too..but it will be a surprise...

  13. Hey That is sheer co-incidence..... I was half way through my draft on kichdi..... May be tomorrow I would be completing -to post.... I love kichdi a lot.... A must on Saturdays at my hubby's.....


  14. Khichdi with rice and lentils looks really delicious, yummy, nice comfort food. Thanks for visiting my blog

  15. Kichidi looks so tasty...this is somewhat similar to the pongal I like...I love to have this with sambar :)

  16. such comforting good. preferred any time of the day..


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