Monday 27 May 2013

Review Fudge Kitchen

I recently received some samples of Devilishly different drinking fudge and two jars of devilishly fudge sauces chocolate caramel and classic toffee fudge sauce from Fudge Kitchen.

 Devilishly different drinking fudge- This drinking fudge came in a box with 6 assorted sachets, the flavours were Moreish mint, tangy orange,dreamy coconut,gorgeous ginger, classic chocolate and mocha choca madness. Just opening the package and reading the names was making my mouth salivate.The drinking fudge was easy to prepare, you just had to stir it into warm milk and once it was mixed in you could warm it up in the microwave for another minute and it was ready to drink. The drinking fudge was rich and creamy and tasted delicious.Of all the flavours I preferred the tangy orange and the gorgeous ginger the best. We did find that for best results the mixture was easier to mix into the milk if the milk was slightly on the hot rather than warm side as recommended on the instructions. The packaging of the sachets was really very sophisticated, each sachet was colour coordinated to its flavour and presented in a coordinating envelope.

The Devilishly fudge sauces - The two flavours I received were chocolate caramel and classic toffee fudge . Both jars were rich, creamy, thick and seriously indulgent. The sauces are perfect for  topping on ice creams, pancakes, waffles and for dunking doughnuts and fruit into them.We tried out samples poured on to cool vanilla ice cream and also also used some of the fudge for toppings for cupcakes by mixing it with butter cream. The flavours were divine and very very delicious. Our only complaint was that there just wasn't enough for second helpings!!!Both the jars came in a lovely gift package and looked really presentable


The overall presentation of both the product was extremely inviting and the product looks classy. Both the items would make perfect gifts. Fudge kitchen products can be bought on line from Fudge kitchen. The drinking fudge retails t £ 8.00 for a box of 6 sachets and the Fudge sauces £ 8.00 for two jars.

I would like to thank Fudge Kitchen for sending me these samples, all the views and opinions are my own.

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