Friday 24 December 2021

REAL Kombucha- Vegan Fermented sparkling Tea

The festive season has begun and we are all excited for the upcoming festivities and holidays. It starts to feel christmassy as soon we start choosing gifts, purchasing them and then spending an evening wrapping them. My favorite time is watching christmas television, enjoying a  drink and a mince pie whilst wrapping presents.

Being teetotaller I don't drink alcohol but that does not mean I can't enjoy a festive drink. I am sure many people like myself for various reasons, choose not to drink but would like to enjoy a celebratory drink. I would highly recommend a chilled glass of Real Kombucha vegan fermented sparkling tea. I am a tea lover so when I discovered these drinks I was intrigued to sample the different flavours. I was also excited that I could enjoy a drink, being assured that is is non alcoholic

What is REAL Kombucha?

REAL Kombucha is a non alcoholic fermented sparkling tea. It is brewed from handpicked loose tea from small gardens around the world. It is low in sugar, suitable for vegans and is the perfect substitute for sparkling wine. It pairs really well with different foods such as these Tandoori Cauliflower Bites, this delicious Vegetarian Paella or these Vegan Samosas.

How is Kombucha made?

Kombucha is thought to originate from China. It is made by adding yeast, sugar and specific bacteria  to black or green tea,The tea is ferment for a few days causing the bacteria and the yeast to form a film on the surface which is known as Scoby, This is used to ferment new batches of Kombucha. During the fermentation process Acetic acid is produced which makes the Kombucha carbonated. 

How to store the Kombucha?

Since Kombucha is a live product, it is best to store it in a cool environment at approximately 15-20 degrees C

These non alcoholic christmas drinks can be made in several different flavours to suit all palates. REAL Kombucha comes in three different flavours , they are Royal Flush, Dry Dragon and a  Limited Edition Iron Goddess 

Royal Flush, this is the first flush Darjeeling Tea which has aromatic notes of rhubarb and white peach, It's very refreshing and smooth on the palate. I enjoy this one with savoury dishes.

Dry Dragon, this is made from Dragon Well Green Tea, it is light and citrusy with nutty notes and perfect for enjoying with some nuts and snacks.

Iron Goddess, this is made from Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea, the tea is really smooth with notes of honey, nuts and apricots. I love this tea as it really pairs well.with any sort of desserts.

This year I am also going to be serving these awesome teas with my Christmas meal and for the new year celebrations too. I can do this knowing that Kombucha is also very beneficial for good gut health too. You can purchase REAL  Kombucha from Kombucha UK. Have you tried Kombucha before, do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. My niece drinks Kombucha tea. I will let her know about this brand. I am sure she will buy them. Thanks for the tip on how to properly store the tea.

  2. I've been meaning to try some kombucha for a while now and these three flavours sound lovely x


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