Thursday 2 June 2011

Only Coolers and Mocktails roundup part 1

With an amazing 60 entries. We are all going to be spoilt for choice this summer as to what drinks to prepare.
Here is the colourful and creative roundup part 1 and part two will follow with the announcement of the 2 winners.

Strawberry and Melon Smoothie  and Fruit Burst Mocktail by Nayna

Apple and Beet Mocktail  and Citrus Cooler by Nayna

Tropical Tornado Mocktail by Nayna

North milky shake with cranberry By Elena

Strawberry Mango Smoothie by Vardhini

Sharjah Shake and Musk melon cooler by Kurinji


Minty Pineapple juice  and Pomegranate and Grape Juice by Shobha

Cool Aam Panna by Richa


Green Smoothie by Helen

Sweet Lassi by Arundhuti 

Minty Mango Mocktail by Sutapa

Cucumber Cilantro Celery Smoothie by Sadhana

Papaya Juice by Akheela

Spicy Buttermilk , Mango Lassi by Kalyani

Mango Lassi by Jyoti

Refreshing Kokum Sherbert and Bottle gourd drink by Raksha

Fruit Punch by Raksha

Mango milkshake By Harini

Part 2 to follow in next post.


  1. Wat a great event and lovely roundup. Perfect summer treat...

  2. neat round up - wish I'd posted my current blog recipe a bit sooner to link to the event :)

  3. this is a great round up.

  4. Wow..very colorful and yummy round up dear...

  5. wonderful roundup !! nice refreshing drinks !!

  6. delicious colourful drinks
    thank you for the roundup

  7. lovely round up...and some great drinks..


  8. lovely round up...and some great drinks..


  9. lovely round up...and some great drinks..



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