Tuesday 27 October 2009

Chocolate crunch Barfi

Chocolate crunch Barfi -A lovely sweet made with chopped cashew nuts, almonds,pistachio nuts, cereal-corn flakes,rice crispies ,cocoa and golden syrup .Topped with delicious smooth milk chocolate. Simple and easy to make using basic ingredients.

125 g rich tea biscuits
250 g digestive biscuits
50 g butter
1/2 bowl rice crispies
1/2 bowl cornflakes
50 g desiccated coconut
250 g mixed chopped nuts (almonds/ pista /cashews)
250 g golden syrup
3 tablespoons cocoa
300 g milk chocolate


1. Crush the biscuits and cereal and add chopped nuts and desiccated coconut. Mix
2. Melt the butter, cocoa powder and golden syrup in a pan.
3. Add to biscuit, nut and cereal mixture, and mix thoroughly till everything is coated.
4. Place mixture in a greased thali, press it to pack it tightly in the thali, smoothing it out and leave to set.
5. Melt the chocolate and pour over the set mixture.
6. Leave to set, once set cut in slices and enjoy.

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  1. U invented this recipe or got it from somewhere. Anything with chocolate looks delicious.

  2. @ Nethra, as kids we use to make chocolate crunch on a rainy saturday afternoon.It was made from rice crispies and melted chocolate.I just reinvented an adult version of it by adding more ingredients and made this .

  3. It really looks delicious...and recipe is also short and simple..



  4. too many things needed...

    hats off to ur new version recipe

  5. boy, i am commenting on a blog on "Chocolate crunch Barfi" at 4:00am in the morning. my hunger has reached it all time peak now :p

    hey, that title 'support this blog by click on the link' is an easy way to get yourself banned from google ads. so you can remove it to be on the safer side

  6. lovely...i m fond of chocolates frm childhood

    will love to try this item :)

  7. hmmmm....:P chocolate.!!!nothin can be better than chocolate...m gonna try it...!!thanks for dis wonderful recipe..:)

  8. Yummy, looks delicious! Parcel some to me! :D

  9. looks amazing! I am so looking forward to trying this

  10. Tried this recipe..it turned out simply great..its a hit with all my friends and family..
    Thanks for the recipe.

  11. I like the fact that you can put what you like in it - cereal, nuts you like, coconut.... dried fruit. Super!

  12. How many grand is the half a bowl of cereals?

  13. I would say about 125g, this recipe is very flexible and you can adjust the cereal to what you have.

  14. Thank you Nayna Kanabar 😊


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