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My name is Nayna Kanabar and I live in the UK. I am the Author of this blog. simply.food. I started this recipe blog in October 2008 as a place to showcase my recipes. I am a simple and homely person with a passion for cooking, sharing mouth watering recipes to tickle and tantalise your taste buds. I describe myself as a "homecook" without culinary school training striving to make my dishes feel complete without being complicated.

I love spending time in the kitchen, creating and styling my dishes so that they can be captured on camera and of course eaten. I have a passion for food props and I adore authentic crockery . My cupboards are exploding with tea towels, crockery of all shapes and colours and many home made props.

I am totally passionate about food and this poem really sums my passion of cooking totally !!

Cinnamon spice and all things nice… 

Cinnamon clove and star anise
Fragrant aromas to tantalise and please
Cooking baking mixing with a whizz
Desserts, cakes and ice creams that you can freeze please.

Sweet and sour with a hint of bite
Maybe a salad for that something lite light?
Flour, eggs and butter milk
Chocolate souffl├ęs that fall down and sink turn out like silk.

A savoury touch with some special spice
Something that gives a kick and goes with rice
Eastern, Western or a European dish
Culinary delights to earn you a kiss fulfil your every wish.

Day and night I think dream of food
I know for my waistline this is no good
So instead I write my creations in a blog
Hopefully one day it will be famous enough to flog log!!   :smile:

copyright © 2013 Nayna Kanabar

I am currently a recipe author for City Connect Cambridge and I am an author of two cook books Easy to cook Snacks and Easy to cook Potatoes


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