Tuesday 9 February 2010

Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice-A quick and easy rice dish created in minutes. Flavoured with fresh tomatoes and garnished generously with fresh coriander.Served with a creamy cucumber raita.


2 cups preboiled cold rice ( Left over rice is ideal for this)
1 firm medium tomato de seeded and finely chopped
2 green chillies de seeded and finely chopped
1 tablespoon fresh coriander finely chopped.
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 teaspoon chilli powder
1/2 tablespoon sunflower oil
1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds


1. Add to the cold rice salt,chilli powder and turmeric
2.Toss the rice to get an even coating of the spices.
3. In a frying pan heat the oil, when hot add the cumin seeds.
4. Add the rice and toss in the hot oil.Approx 3-4 minutes.
5. Stir in the diced tomatoes and green chillies.
6.Toss the rice till tomatoes and rice are mixed . Approx 1-2 minutes.
7.Transfer the rice to a serving dish and garnish with chopped fresh coriander.

Serve hot with creamy cucumber raita and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice..

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  1. Nice n Simple,Tomato rice sounds very delicious with optimal seasoning...

  2. Good News Nayna. Congrats!


  3. Simple yet yummy rice dish!!! And I love cucumber raita:)

  4. Simply delicious...love tomato rice much..

  5. Congratulations!!! Nayna..very glad to hear that...celebrating with tomato rice...even better..

  6. Nayana,

    Nice tomato rice, i have posted tomato rice too. I love it.

  7. Simple and comforting..Cucumber raita is a perfect accompaniment

  8. Love this simple yet tasty tomato rice....


  9. Nice recipe!!.. looks delicious and nice presentation:)

  10. Very nice to hear about it....
    My Best wishes dear :-)
    Tomato rice looks very delicious!!!

  11. Your tomato rice looks and sounds amazingly delicious! I always get quick and easy recipes from your blog, I love it:)

  12. Tomato rice looks yummy yummy..Nice clicks and presentation dear....

  13. Simple yet delicious tomato rice, looks yummy.

  14. Hey Nayna
    nice to see you on facebook..and tomato rice just looks awesome..tempting and delicious..:))

  15. wow,congrats dear..

    Lovely recipe..i love the clicks.


  16. Simple and delicious. Nice presentation too.

  17. This looks delicious - I usually buy a pack of tomato rice where you cook it in the microwave for two mins in it's packet - but it comes out stuck together!

  18. Looking for some tasty winter recipes
    This is perfect


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