Sunday 26 February 2012

Sugar cookies and Dr Oetker Decorating Products and Giveaway

Dr Oetker baking products are  perfect for anyone who enjoys baking.Their range includes, baking ingredients, ready to roll fondant icing, fast and easy ready to use royal icing and colourful edible and non edible cake and cookie decorations in an array of designs and colours.  You can even get  natural food  colours and flavourings , it's truly  a haven of goodies for any baking enthusiast .I recently received a package from Dr Oetker with  a selection of their products to try and I have been having fun  testing them all in my cake and cookie making.

I made these sugar cookies using some of the ingredients that I received and they turned out amazing especially the decoration which was fast and easy to do using the chocolate designer icing pouch which came with interchangeable decorating tips

Delectable sugar cookies with chocolate icing.


16 oz plain flour
8 oz  caster sugar
8 oz butter(room temperature)
1  level teaspoon Dr Oetker bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon Dr Oetker vanilla essence
1/2 cup milk approx

For decoration:
Dr Oetker chocolate designer icing pouch
Dr Oetker chocolate sprinkles


1. Cream the butter and sugar and add the bicarbonate of soda.
2. Add the flour and gradually add the milk to form a dough. (you may not need to use all the milk)
3. Roll the dough in cling film and rest for 30 minutes.
4. On a floured surafce roll out the dough and cut our desired cookie shapes.
5. Place the cookies on a lined baking tray and bake in a preheated 190 degrees C/ 375 degrees F for
12-15 minutes until golden brown.
6. Remove from oven and transfer to a wire rack to cool.
7. Once cooled, decorate using the chocolate designer icing and sprinkle with the chocolate strands.

Submitting  to:
Lets cook for valentine chocolate / hearts event.

I would like to thank  Dr Oetker for the products they kindly supplied, all views in this review are my own.


  1. lovely giveaway is it open to Canada if so entering
    lovely review and pictures

  2. nice!love the decorated cookies and the the giveaway open to people in india?

  3. One of the most satisfying is macarons - I always expect them to go wrong so am delighted when they turn out well.

  4. I love baking & cooking but pies are my favourite dishes to bake - savoury or sweet - I love making and baking pies!

  5. I make really good beef stew and stroganoff. I also make great black bean chili, shrimp creole, and assorted risottos.

  6. I love to bake my oat crunchie cookies

    karen s

  7. I am not the best of bakers, but enjoy learning and practicing. At the moment my favourite is flapjacks

  8. I'm confident when making simple cakes like victoria sponge, coffee cake etc but I like a challenge too. I think a plain sponge is my favourite as it's easy to adjust the recipe and decoration to suit the occasion and the ingredients I have.

  9. Lemon Drizzle cake is my favourite thing to bake NOM!

  10. i love making spaghetti bolognese from scratch and making a lovely jam spnge for afters

  11. i enjoying making cakes and my daughter loves helping me. she likes to lick the bowl out and once the cakes are cooked, she helps me ice and decorate them. they are yummy even if i do say so myself and they never last more than a day in our house.

  12. I love making cakes especially Lemon Drizzle Cake mmmmmmm


  13. I love making shortbread biscuits with the children, they love cutting out different shapes and then decorating them once cooked. Great thing is they only take 15mins to cook :)

  14. I LOVE to make marble cake .. so easy but tastes amazing and always impresses :)

  15. I love making muffins , so many different flavours , great for breakfast

  16. I love making muffins , lots of different flavours and great for breakfast

  17. It has to be cupcakes as they are so simple and you can make them look beautiful with a variety of decorations :) xxx

  18. Chocolate Ovaltine cup cakes and anything with aubergines!

  19. I look baking Muffins.

  20. I love to make the Brooklyn Blackout chocolate cake from the Hummngbird Bakery cook book.

  21. You made them look really pretty.

  22. This looks so beautiful and I love the flavors going on. Thanks for sharing!


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