Wednesday 20 March 2013

Novelty Kids Sandwiches- Cucumber Caterpillar

Novelty kids cucumber sandwiches in the shape of a caterpillar, perfect for parties.


6 slices white or brown bread
1 tablespoon butter or Margarine
Cucumber slices
I small tomato
2 raisins
2 spaghetti sticks
Shredded lettuce


1. Using a cookie cutter cut out 4 round circles from each slice of bread.
2. Butter the bread circles and lay them out on a tray in pairs
3. On half the bread circles place thin slice of cucumber and make a sandwich by placing the second circle buttered side down onto the cucumber.
4. Break small 1 cm pieces from the spaghetti  and push it into the tomato on the top right and left sides making sure some of the spaghetti is sticking out.
5. Cut the raisins in half and push them onto the spaghetti sticks onto the tomato to form eyes.
6.Break two more 1 cm pieces if spaghetti and push them at the central bottom area of tomato.
7. Cut a semi circle out from the cucumber to make a mouth shape and push it onto spaghetti sticks secure it on to the tomato to make caterpillar mouth.
8. Take along spaghetti and thread onto it the 6  prepared sandwiches to form the caterpillar body.
9. Add the tomato by pushing that onto the spaghetti also to form caterpillar head, make sure eyes and mouth are placed forefront.
10.Break off any remaining spaghetti stick not required.
11. Place some shredded lettuce on to a plate and place the cucumber sandwich caterpillar onto it.
Serve immediately.

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  1. It is one happy happy caterpillar. I just love it. The best part is his eyes and smile.

  2. How do you do magic with a simple sandwich :) looks so cute..

  3. Fantastic tour novelty sandwich posts just get better and better :)

  4. Delicious & creative caterpillar||

  5. So cool - my kids would love it!

  6. I love this. Will be doing it for my sons birthday party on the 18th July i think!

  7. I'd never thought of using spaghetti sticks in this way. Very creative.

  8. Love this, want one for my lunch tomorrow.

  9. oh these are so cute! i will have to make them for my little brother & sister, they'd love it!

    L x

  10. What more to say, but this is fantastic! Great idea

  11. haha love it perfect for world book day the book worm sarnie x

  12. Wow !.. this looks so cute.. perfect for kids party. I will make it for my grand daughters when I visit in July.. :)

  13. Your novelty kids sandwiches look too good to eat. It's such a simple idea but I would have never thought of it.

  14. Next time I have my little brother around I'll make him those! Brilliant idea, very ceative Nayna! xx

  15. Very cute and I'm sure would be a hit at kids parties.

  16. Love this, it's a brilliant idea

    Kirsty Fox


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