Friday 19 April 2013

Greek-Baklava rolls .

Bakalava~ Delicious layers of crispy flaky pasty filled with protein packed nuts and sweetened with a sweet syrup.


60 g / 2 oz shelled pistachio nuts 
60 g / 2 oz flaked almonds
60 g / 2 oz walnuts
2 tablespoons golden syrup
60 g  / 2 oz butter (melted)
4 sheets phyllo pastry

Sugar Syrup:

240 g / 8 oz sugar
125 ml water
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Special equipment:

1 cm diameter wooden dowel (stick)
Baking Tray


1. Coarsely chops the nuts and place them in a bowl, add the golden syrup and mix well.(Mixture should be fairly dry.)
2. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C / 350 degrees F
3. On a flat surface place 1 sheet of phyllo pastry and brush it with melted butter. Spread half the nut mixture onto it .

4. Place the wooden dowel at the longest end of the phyllo pastry and start rolling the pastry over the dowel encasing all the filling.Keep the dowel with the rolled pastry to one side covered with damp cloth.
5. Spread the second sheet of phyllo on the surface and brush with melted butter. Place the roll of pastry with the dowel in it at the long end and tightly roll the 2nd phyllo sheet over the already rolled 1st roll.
6. Place the roll of pastry in front of you on the flat surface. Holding the pastry with both hands scrunch it up on the dowel to form pleats.The pastry roll will be shorter now as its been scrunched together.

7. Hold the roll with one hand and gently remove the dowel rod.
8. Grease a baking tray and place the roll on it. With a sharp knife cut the roll into 2 inch pieces.
9. Repeat the procedure for the other two phyllo sheets using remaining filling.
10. Once both rolls are made, brush some more butter over them . Place the baking tray in the oven to bake for about 30 minutes or until pastry turns golden brown.
11. Place the sugar, lemon juice and water in a heavy bottomed pan  and bring to boil.

12. Boil the syrup for 8 -10 minutes and then remove from heat.
13. Remove Baklava from oven and gently spoon over the sugar syrup over the baked rolls .
14. Leave the syrup to soak into the pastry for 2-3 hours before eating.

The baking tin that was used to bake the  Baklava was  was sent to me by Mermaid.
Mermaid make a really lovely range of all British collection of high quality cookware that offers a solution for every baking need from roasting dishes and trays through to cake tins and moulds. Mermaid is very popular and it is  loved by professional chefs and home cooks alike, they have been established since 1953. In their Baking  tins they are currently on offer 25cm (rectangular), 21cm (round) and 15cm companion size. I was offered  the rectangular 25ch  tin to sample. The quality of the tin was superb,it was sturdy but light weight at the same time. It is made from hard anodised aluminium which eliminates hot spots and ensures even cooking all the way through. Thankyou to Mermaid for the lovely baking tin/ pie dish to try.

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  1. The Baklawa's look great. You have explained the procedure perfectly. Post me some as I need to taste a couple to check how sweet they are.

  2. Nayna, you've mastered it ! looks awesome. Do send me one box please ;) Love all the step by step pics. Thank you for sending this to Gain Popularity !!

  3. yummylicious flaky sweet

  4. Very flaky and lovely baklava. Delicious....

  5. looks divine..beautiful clicks.....

  6. I have been trying to leave a comment for your previous posts but I was not allowed for some reason. Baklava is awesome dessert and worth trying.

  7. Baklava roll looks fabulous and yummy.

    today's post:

  8. very flaky and delicious baklava :)

  9. Wow.. i like this snack a lot
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  10. Wow.. i like this snack a lot
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  11. I dont mind having some rite now..Beautiful flaky baklava rolls.

  12. I love baklava - my family hate it so all the more for me!!! xoxo

  13. I have always wanted to know ow to make this thank you :)

  14. They don't seem that complicated to make and are so delicious!

  15. Looks like something I could make and really different to serve

  16. Thanks for the recipe. That is how they make them.

  17. I must have a sweet tooth as my mouth waters at this post.

  18. This looks so much simpler than the (disastrous) recipe I used last time I attempted Baclava. Actually seems truer to the memories I have of those I used to have at my friends house too.

  19. Oh this looks yummy to try! x

    Helen X

  20. That looks very nice. I've had Baklava before in restaurants, perhaps it's time to try and make some at home!

  21. These are so much better homemade than bought! Your recipe is fantastic thank you!

  22. Those sound great and not too difficult.

  23. Being a Grecophile,my mouth is watering-I must have a baklava-be nice on a Cretan beach!

  24. These are lovely, just do not do the diet a lot of good

  25. You have shared every single step for making a baklava perfectly its just wonderful. That's why I want to tell all of them if they want baklava to buy from any local shop then they don't need to do this.


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