Wednesday 1 January 2014

Announcing event "Flavours of" ~ The world- Grand Finale

 The “Flavours of” series started on 1st August 2010 which began in India in Flavours of Series 1. From there we travelled from India to Flavours of series 2 to Asia, we sampled wonderful delights here after which we travelled to Africa in our Flavours of series 3 and finally we journeyed to Europe in Flavours of series 4. Over the last three years we have travelled the world from East to West on a taste tickling and tantalising culinary journey. The monthly events were wonderfully supported by all my fellow bloggers who supported the series and helped by guest blogging the events or  by participating. I appreciate everyone's support.

For me personally it has been the most inspiring virtual culinary journey I have  ever made. I have learnt to cook and sample so many different types of cuisines which were once unknown to me. Together with all the rich flavours, I came across many wonderful new ingredients which are now part of my pantry. My culinary palate has most certainly broadened and I have lots of inspirations for new dishes now.

Sadly our travels around the world journey in "Flavours of" series has come to an end after 34 amazing destinations all over the world  but as a grand finale I would like to now present the last event in “Flavours of” series ; “Flavours of the world -Grand Finale”

How to participate:

Event ends 18th February 2014

1.Choose one country or region FROM THE LIST BELOW which you would like to revisit from the "Flavours of"  series and cook a dish from that region or country. Vegetarian dishes only. ( eggs allowed)

Choose from any one of the places listed here:

Flavours of series 1
Gujarat, Punjab, Goa, Maharashtra, Bengal, Rajasthan, South India

Flavours of series 2
Malaysia, Thailand, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia, Nepal. Srilanka, Singapore, China, Indonesia

Flavours of series 3
South Africa, Mauritius, Tunisia, Kenya, Morocco,

Flavours of series 4
Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Caribbean, USA, Canada

2.You can submit multiple entries but you can only submit one entry per country.

3.Please put in the post title which country you are cooking from, if you send more than one entry from any country only the first entry will be counted.

4.No archived recipes allowed, I would prefer that you cook a new recipe to link up.

5.You must link this event post in your entry, this is mandatory. Event logo is not compulsory but using it would be nice as it helps to spread the word.

6.Please link your post using Recipe Name and URL  in Linky below.


  1. An awesome way to end the series =)

    1. Thanks Shazia I hope you will link up some recipes for this event.

  2. I know you said only one recipe per country - however, what if I have 2 Caribbean recipes but each one is from a different island - Is that allowed?

    1. Mireille, Yes of course you can. please do link up both recipes.

  3. Great event, It's an amazing collection of recipes! I have some ideas for dishes from Morocco will take part soon :)

  4. Hey Nayna, this is an interesting series!
    It's the first time I am linking my recipe to your blog and had a quick question. Can I post from different regions listed in Series 1?

    1. Hi pp Yes you can add a recipe from each of the regions stated.

  5. I just added one from Italy and have two more coming this week - one from Bengal and one from Kenya. So great visiting all these countries in one month :)

  6. Hey Nayna!
    Happy to add another one to your list. Do check it out!

  7. I wish there were more places like this, because it was simply too amazing for words. I came here with my boyfriend the other night, and it was absolutely fabulous.
    location for vows

  8. What a feast! A fab collection of recipes.


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