Thursday 2 May 2019

Orexi - Feasting at the modern Greek table By Theo A.Michaels ~Book Review

I love all types of cuisine and especially those that include my favorite ingredients  such as courgettes, aubergines, fresh herbs, tomatoes, peppers and lemons. The cuisine that predominantly uses these is Greek Cuisine. On my trips to Crete, Skiathos and Athens I enjoyed the flavours and textures in many dshes and I have been creating a lot of Greek inspired dishes in my kitchen.
Recently when I was sent the cook book Orexi - Feasting at the modern Greek table By Theo A.Michaels, I was really excited to cook from it. 

The book is hardback and divided into section :

Eat like a Greek-  Author introduction
Yoghurt & Pita- Recipes for Greek staples
Meze- A selection of lovely Meze recipes

Sea -A selection of seafood recipes  
Land- Maincourse recipes and a tale of family dining

Sun- Lots of vegetarian and salad recipes  
Fire-Lots of barbecue recipes
Sundowners- Cocktails and drinks and desserts.


The book is well writen with very beautiful family recipes and memoirs. It's well illustrated with lovely photos of beautiful Greek places.

It certainly makes you want to visit all the places to try out the food which all looks really traditional and authentic.

My favorite sections of the book are the sun and fire section, both these sections have some vegetarian recipes. I loved creating a few of them such as the Greek salad, grilled aubergines and feta, charred courgettes and the filled crispy filo rolls and my family favorite Greek Potato Salad.

I enjoyed the book however,  I think the book is really more suited for a non vegetarian as a large percentage of the recipes are using either meat or seafood. I also found that the ingredient list would have been easier to read if it had bullet points and also the recipe instructions would have been simplier to follow if they were numbered instead of written as a paragraph. This little addition would be more useful for an amateur cook following the recipe.

Overall a lovely book that would make a great gift for a foodie with the scope to be able to recreate some lovely Greek and Cypriot cuisine.

You can purchase the book from Amazon and most large book shops.

Book Details : Orexi - Feasting at the modern Greek table By Theo A.Michaels
ISBN  978-1-78879-079-6
Retails  £16.99

My score for the book: 10/15

Content -3/5
Recipe Instructions-3/5

** I was sent a copy of the book to review as always all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Looks like an interesting book with good recipes. I tried some of these during my visit to Greece.

  2. What a beautiful looking cookbook. You won't find me trying octopus but I'd give everything else a go. Olives are part of our daily diet here.

  3. I like the sound of a cookery book that introduces you to something of the culture and the people of a country too.

  4. Interesting book with beautiful images.. will check if it has come in the local library here.

  5. This is a beautiful book filled with mouthwatering recipes.

  6. I love looking at recipe books when they include pictures of the dish. Greek food is interesting and this is a good way of trying out some of their recipes.

  7. Annemarie LeBlanc3 May 2019 at 17:04

    This would be a nice cookbook to have. I like to try different dishes from around the world and if I can re-create them in my own kitchen, then that would be awesome!

  8. I really do love Green and Mediterranean food. It's one of my favorite types of cuisines. And I am sure I would love this book. The food looks amazing. And I love learning a little bit of the history of the food as well.

  9. This book seems interesting what a nice book I will love to have a book like this am have a nice taste of the Greek food, Orexi - Feasting at the modern Greek table By Theo A.Michaels Will be really helpful.

  10. I love greek cuisine but its one that I havent really tried cooking at home, I need to give this book a read! xxx

  11. What a lovely book to possess. The fact that it consists of family recipes is a plus. I say a must have book for a food lover...


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