Thursday 18 March 2010

Kheer (Rice pudding)

Kheer-A rich and creamy dessert made with milk and rice, smooth, creamy and delicious with a subtle hint of cardamon,nutmeg and saffron. Delicately garnished with chopped nuts it can be served hot or cold.

3/4 cup thick short grain rice(patna)
Milk -2 pints
12 Almonds cut into slivers
¾ cup sugar
1.5 teaspoon cardamom powder
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg powder
Few strands saffron

1.Wash rice and drain the water out, put rice and milk in a pressure cooker and allow to boil without putting whistle.

2. When milk starts to boil reduce flame to low add saffron to milk and rice and gently simmer, stirring occasionally and making sure milk and rice does not scorch .
3. After 45 minutes check that the rice is cooked and kheer has thickened add sugar, nutmeg and cardamom powder and mix well.
4. Simmer for 3-4 more minutes ,transfer the kheer in to a serving bowl , garnish with the almond slivers .

Can be served hot or chilled.

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  1. Pretty Pudding..happy V'day...

  2. this is one of my favorite puddings/kheer. Looks good.

  3. Cute presentation..kheer looks awesome :)

  4. Nice clicks dear....Rice pudding looks delicious and tempting....

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! Kheer looks yummy.

  6. Hi,

    The fact that all of us are encouraging each other in their respetive creations proves that all of us have become a close knit online family. The Kheer looks yummy and tempting. Waithing for more such recepies from you.


  7. Slurpppp!!am craving for these delicious pudding..mouthwatering, beautiful bowl..thanks for sending...

  8. I love those bowls! yumy kheer. Happy V'day :)


  9. Yummy Kheer... Lovely presentations & captures.... Loved every bit of it.... I wanna prepare it right away too....

    Thanks for all the love u shared on me & my post.... It means a wishes are forever..... Thanks!!!!

    I'm sure you had an awesome yesterday!!!!!


  10. YUmmy Pudding!... looks delicious!!.. and nice bowls:)..

  11. Thanks for visiting....rice pudding looks yum!

  12. Wow! looks so tempting..very lovely presentation..perfect entry :-)

  13. just loved the bowl in which that delicious kheer is served...very yummy and beautifully presented it too

  14. Reposted for easy2cookrecipies Kheer event.

  15. How did I miss this one? sorry Nayna...kheer ane puri..kamaal Combination..just love it..looks to make it!!

  16. I've never had a Rice Pudding with almonds, sounds delicious!


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