Tuesday 19 October 2010

Meetha Bhaat (Sweet Rice)

Sweet rice with nuts and coconut can be eaten as dessert or as part of a main meal


6 oz Idli rice
3 oz jaggery
1 teaspoon cardamom powder
3 oz mixed chopped nuts (Almonds, pistachio and cashew)
1 tablespoon desiccated coconut
1 tablespoon flaked almonds (coloured red.)
1 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter)
Few strands saffron


1. Wash and soak the rice for 1 hour.
2. Drain the rice and add to a large microwaveable bowl with lid. Add 18 floz water and cover and cook the rice on high for 20 minutes.
3. After 20 minutes take the rice out of the microwave and add the jaggery. Mix the rice, the heat from the hot rice will melt the jaggery.
4. Return the rice back to the microwave for 10 more minutes.
5. Take the rice out of the microwave. It should be well cooked and slightly glutinous.
6. Leave the rice to cool for few minutes.
7. Add the saffron and cardamom and the ghee and mix thoroughly.
8. Add the nuts and the desiccated coconut and mix well.
9. Transfer the rice to a serving dish and garnish with the coloured flaked almonds.

Serve slightly warm with a swirl of cream on the top.

NB -To colour the flaked almonds place them in a plastic sandwich bag and add few drops of red food colouring shake the bag till all the almonds are stained red.
Spread the almonds out on kitchen paper in a single layer and allow to dry. Use these for garnish as and when required.

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  1. Yummy scrummy, this is really a guilt free sweet with jaggery. Very cute presentation :)

  2. that looks yummy and beautiful!!...love the colored almond flakes!

  3. looks delicious. very nice presentation as well. i love this dish. we used to make it for pongal . mmmm... yummm..

  4. This looks simply awesome Nayna...Loved the presentation...

  5. Great looking Sweet Rice.Loved the very look of it. Wonderful dessert.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Dear Nayna
    Dussera and durga puja greetings to you.
    Was bit tied up, now I will see what all the dishes I have missed.
    This sweet rice is a new recipe for me, would like to make soon.
    Have a nice day .

  7. nice recipe and lovely presentation....

  8. Wow the sweet rice looks so yummy!! I haven't made this for a long time. I like the microwave method.

  9. Looks delicious..awesome presentation dear

  10. beautifully presented rice looks super yummy

  11. I dont bother to have some sweet rice rite now...excellent looking meetha bhaat..

    Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes

  12. I love meeta bhaat..... Very yum & above all very DIVINE!!!!! Specially prepared during Diwali at hubby's place..... during CHATT festival..... Awesomely captured pictures too..... :)


  13. Oh they look beautiful with those red cupcake tins :)

  14. Delicious rice!! Loved the presentation..

  15. Lovely clicks!This looks like South Indian sakkarai pongal with some modifications..Yummy..Will try it soon :)

  16. looks yummy!!the clicks are perfect and so attractive with the rose buds and petals in the background!


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