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Top 10 UK Vegetarian Blogs 2018

Ultimate 121 Food Blogs
The ultimate list of food bloggers 2018

Top 45 Vegetarian food blogs- Amsterdam Diary

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Top 10 UK Vegetarian Blogs 2018

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Top 100 Vegetarian Food Blog by Feedspot 2017

Top 10 UK Vegetarian Blogs 2017

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Listed in Coupon Hippo 57 Indian Food Bloggers cooking Tips

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August 2015
Listed in Top 50 food blogs in UK by Rebates Zone

July 2015
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June 2015
Featured in Onken Yoghurts Video

February 2015
Secret Recipe Club Coconut banana bread bites.

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19th July 2014
Rose Icecream featured in the Metro

23rd June 2014
Evening Standard Newspaper

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November 2013
Foodies 100 November blogger of the month.

September 2013
My Interview featured on Ladies in Blogging site.
Ladies in Blogging Interview

Eat in Magazine October 2013 Issue 9 
Strawberry Kisses mini muffins

Snowman cake pop recipe featured in        
Morroccan Salad in Jar featured in website

December 2012
Third day of Christmas recipe card
Three Merry Berry Mocktail ~ Innocent Juices

Recipe Published in Eat in Magazine July 2012 

These are my recipes that have been published in Take a Break's -My Favorite Recipes  From 2012-2017

Strawberry Kisses Mini Muffins Issue 62

Apple and cranberry crumble Issue 51
Chocolate Chip Scones Issue 52

Savory Sweet corn pancakes Issue 42
Cheats Chocolate Mousse Issue 43
Coconut Snowballs Issue 45

Heart Chocolate Chip Cookies Issue 36
Easter Chocolate Mousse Tarts 37
Cauliflower and Peas Curry Issue 38

Lentil and Vegetable biryani Issue 33
Christmas Tree Cookies Issue 34
Baby Corn and Brocolli Rice Issue 35

Rasam Spicy tomato soup Issue 31
Mango chutney Issue 32
Father's day Vanilla Cupcakes Issue 29

Brocolli and Potato Curry Issue 30
Potato Soup issue 27
Coconut and Oat cookies issue 28

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie Issue 25   
Greek Halwa issue 26
Snowman cake pops issue 23

Caramelised Bananas with creamy 
Vanilla custard and hazelnuts issue 19

Chocolate Cake with Strawberries Issue 14
Tunisian Rice Issue 18

Papaya Salsa Issue 12
Moroccan Couscous Salad in a jar Issue 13

Bulgar Wheat Pilaf- Issue 9 Olympic Gold winner Recipe
Thai Green Mango Salad Issue 10

Strawberry Ice Cream Issue 7
Singapore Style Tofu Noodles Issue 8

Chocolate Mint yoghurt Pots Issue 5
Hakka Noodles Issue 6

Pomegranate Cheese cake Issue 3
Pizza Bites Issue 4

Strawberry Icecream is one of the chosen recipes that was  included in the 2010 list. has written  for HOMEOBUZZ magazine on a monthly basis.You can order a copy from here.

These Recipes  have appeared in print in the HomeoBuzz Magazine to date:

 February 2010- Chilli PaneerMarch 2010- Bateta Wada
 April 2010 - Fennel Pilaf Rice
June 2010 - Apple cake
August 2010 Strawberry Icecream
September 2010 Tri colour capsicum and potato curry
October 2010 Banana pancakes
November 2010 Apple and pumpkin Soup
December 2010 - Oatmeal Cookies
January 2011 - Moong Bean Salad
February 2011 - Fruit Punch
March-2011 - Spinach Curry
April-2011 - Milkshakes
May -2011-Okra Fry
June-2011-Ragi Parathas
July-2011- Summer fruits yoghurt
August -2011- Masala aloo in green gravy
September -2011- Creamy semolina halwa
October -2011- Houmous
November -2011 - Guilt Free Banana Ice cream


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