Monday 8 April 2013

Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons a lovely ingredient that can be used  to give dishes a tangy citrus flavour , commonly used in  Middle Eastern and Greek style dishes these preserved lemons add a citrus zing to many dishes.


8 unwaxed lemons washed and dried.
4 tablespoons salt
Juice of two lemons


1. A large screw top jar that has been sterelised by washing in boiling water and dried in the oven.
2. Cut a cross in the top of each lemon but keep the base intact.
3. Fill the slits made in the  lemons with salt.
4. Tightly pack the salted lemons into the jar and top with more salt between the lemons.
5. Pour over the juice of two lemons into the jar.
6. Screw the lid tightly and leave the jar in a cool dry place for 5-6 weeks.
7. Shake the jar daily to distribute the juices formed by the salt and lemon juice.

8. Lemons are ready to be consumed once they have gone soft and changed from a bright yellow to an almost orange colour.Takes about 5-6 weeks.
To use the lemons wash the access salt off the lemons and use them  to make pickle, add them in salads, marinades and many Middle Easten/ Greek dishes dishes.They will last up to a year once they have been preserved.The preserved lemons can also be eaten as they are or made into Indian pickles.

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  1. looks fabulous and lovely pictures

  2. This reminds me my mom....she makes it often..thanks for sharing the recipe...

  3. looks so tempting...mmmmmmmmmmm....craving for some now....

  4. Oh! Non-stop mouth watering.... I still don't understand what tickles my tastes buds so badly, with lemons in front of me..... ;)


  5. Very useful post n thanks for sharing...

  6. Perserved lemons...I thought it was tricky but after reading your recipe , I think I will give it a try.....great work.

  7. Tangy lemons looks absolutely awesome..

  8. I love this very much. Wishes for a very Happy and prosperous New Year

  9. Love these - always have a jar on hand. If I knew they were so easy, I would have cured them myself long ago. Thanks for the recipe!

  10. mouthwatering!.. nice way of storing!

  11. Looks delicious, awesome recipe.

  12. Great idea! Definitely want to try this soon!

  13. my grandma used to make them....looks just the same i can eat them right away :D

  14. My mom oftenly made this kind of lemon and preserved it. yummy! Feeling nostalgic after seeing your post.

    today's post:

  15. lovely photos and must try this!

  16. De ceva vreme caut reteta perfecta pentru aceste lamai conservate!:)


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