Saturday 2 June 2012

Introducing "Flavours of" Series 3 ~ Africa

"Flavours of " series 1 was born in August 2010 , our culinary journey took us travelling around India. We   sampled wonderful  Gujarati, Punjabi, Goan, Maharastrian ,Bengali , Rajasthani  and South Indian Dishes  . The flavoursome, array of dishes we have cooked  so far are simply delectable and brought us a delightful culinary experiece straight into the comfort of our homes.

With the success of "Flavours of " series one around India ,we continued or travels around Asia in  "Flavours of" series 2. We have visited, Indonesia, China ,Sri Lanka, Singapore,Nepal, Russia,Turkey,Thailand and Lebanon. Our Travels are yet to continue to Thailand  in June  and Malaysia  in July where our Asian journey will end in this second Series.Series two has been very exciting, as we were all taken out of our comfort zones as we all tried to create and sample cuisine unknown to us. At times it was challenging   but the dishes that were lovingly created by all the participants were mouthwatering and simply divine.Thank you to every one for your support and enthusiasm

Having now caught the travel bug it is time to plan the third lap of our travels ie  "Flavours of" Series 3, this series will take us on a culinary journey around Africa.This series will start from the month of August and will run monthly.

I am inviting all my blogger friends to accompany me on my travels to cook up a feast.You can do this by guest hosting one of the events on your blog or simply just participating in the event. Each event will run for one  month, same as previous series  and the guest host will need to host the event on their blog for one  months and post around up with in 7 days  after the event completes.

Our scheduled itinery is as follows:

1st August 2012- 31st August 2012
Flavours of Morrocco guest hosted By Mirelle

1st September2012 -30th September 2012 Available
Flavours of Kenya

1st October 2012 - 31st October 2012 Available
Flavours of Tunisia

1st November 2012- 30th November 2012 Available
Flavours of Mauritius

1st December 2012- 31st December 2012 Available
Flavours of South Africa

If you are interested in joining me on my travels and would like to guest host one of the above events please contact me asap  with the event you would like to host.
Please include in your request 1st and 2nd choice of the event you would like to host.
Looking forward to your participation .


  1. This is a great Idea ! Let me see if I can learn few recipes from the Algerian chef when I land there next week! Algerian food is a mixed breed of Morocco, Tunis and French. Algeria is located in between Morocco and Tunis and off the tourist map and no tourist goes there now ...Let me try.
    I am sure it will be a great success.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. just a suggestion since Morrocco and Tunisia cuisine is very similar perhaps you want to change Tunisia to Senegal - Senegal has very interesting cuisine because they also have lots of Vietnamese inspired dishes since they were both French ruled countries and fought together so Senegal has large Vietnamese population also, in addition to native population.


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