Thursday 4 July 2013

Hazelnut chocolate bites

Nutty toasted hazelnuts smothered in milk chocolate and topped with creamy white chocolate.


240 g Milk chocolate
200 g White chocolate
100 g hazelnuts


1. In a dry pan add the hazelnuts and toast them for 3-4 minutes,Keep moving them as not to burn them.
2. Once toasted transfer the hazelnuts  to a tea towel and rub them to remove the skin.Discard the skins.
3. Coarsely chop the hazelnuts and keep them aside
4.Break the milk chocolate into small pieces and reserve a quarter of the pieces .
5. Place the chocolate in a bowl over a double boiler and melt the chocolate.Check the temperature with a thermometer, when it reaches 112 degrees F /45 degrees C remove the bowl from the double boiler.
6. Add the remaining chocolate pieces and keep stirring the chocolate until the temperature reaches 88 degrees F /30 degrees C. Chocolate is now ready to use.While you are preparing the white chocolate keep the milk chocolate on the double boiler at a steady temperature of 112 degrees F /45 degrees C
7. Repeat process for the white chocolate in same way.
8. To the milk chocolate add the chopped hazelnuts and mix well.
9. Place silicon chocolate moulds on baking tray.
10.Half fill the moulds with white chocolate and then top the moulds with the hazelnut milk chocolate.
11. Tap the moulds slightly to release any air bubbles.
12. Leave the chocolate to reach room temperature after which place the moulds in the fridge.
13.After 2 hours remove moulds from fridge and de mould the chocolates.

NB-I added only hazelnut chocolate to some moulds, White chocolate only to other moulds and a mix of white chocolate and hazelnut chocolate  to some moulds so that there was a variation of chocolates.

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  1. I HAVE to try to make this!

  2. no words to say.mouthwatering and bookmarked

  3. These look amazing ... just one problem though, I'd eat them all, every last one of them

  4. Wow! Great recipe Nayna.. Fabulous clicks too :-)

  5. I love hazelnut & chocolate, mmmm!

  6. OOO two of my favourite flavours hazelnut & of course CHOCOLATE!!

  7. these look absolutely scrummyyummy! <3

  8. Yummy nuts and choc are great partners!

  9. Have saved this page for later.
    These will be perfect as one of the treats in my 'hampers' I make family for Christmas.

  10. As it is chocolate week I am looking for chocolate recipes and inspiration! I am impressed, inspired and now drooling! WOOOO!

  11. These look lovely, will have to try them I think x

  12. oooooh yum!! I cant wait to try this out! My family will be very happy when I do! :)


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