Monday 14 October 2013

Mex grocers Mexican evening at Lupita East

I have recently been cooking Mexican cuisine for the Flavours of Mexico event at The cuisine is very veggie friendly with many vegetarian dishes that are both tasty and delicious. I love the spicy flavours that are part and parcel of Mexican cuisine and they are perfect to satisfy my Indian palate. Some of the Mexican dishes I have prepared are Quesadilla, Mexican Rice Arroz Mexicano, Fajita, Mexican veggie tart, Mexican corn salad and Tortilla wraps with beans

Couple of days ago I was invited together with two of my food blogger friend to a "Discover the taste of Mexico" evening by an online shop for authentic Mexican ingredients.The evening was hosted at Lupita East a wonderful Mexican restaurant in the heart of London's Liverpool street.

The evening started with drinks as we mingled amongst other foodies and we met out  hosts Katya Torres de la Rocha the CEO of Mex grocer and also the head chef Marco Cuervo of Lupoita East. We were invited to scrutinise their amazing range of authentic mexican Ingredients. The range included some finest and unique Mexican  products such bottled cactus, cactus tortillas, blue corn tortillas, an array of different chilis and sauces together with flours, refried beans and many other Mexican Ingredients.The range was spectacular, some even being gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Marco shared some wonder knowledge of Mexican cookery with lots of tips and advice on Mexican cookery, we learnt the secret of how to make a perfect tortilla wrap to how to roast and pound chillies for a delicious Habanero sauce. His passion for his native land Mexico oozed in abundance and his passion for Mexican cookery was very apparent in the lovely Mecicaanapes we sampled.

The canapes were Guacamole artesanal, ripe avocados pounded in a mortar and pestle, with tomatoes, onions and fresh coriander and served with crunchy tortillas chips made fresh in the Lupito Kitchens.Next we tried the Chicharron de Quesco, a crispy rolled cheese.Tostadas de Nopales was an amazing canape and one I have never tried before, it was tender baby cactus served over refried beans and a fresh salsa Pico de Gallo.In addition we tried the Harbenero sauce and warm chrispy cheesy tortillas. the sauce was smoky and fiery and simply delicious. It was seriously delicious and I have fallen in love with it.

For the non vegetarians there were many more canapes; Cochinita Pibil Tacos, this was made with slow roasted pork, served on corn tortillas with refried beans and red onions pickled with Habanero chillies. The chef was very kind and made us vegetarian version of this which was delicious.The other two non vegetarian canapes were Tacos Gobernador - soft corn tortillas with marinated prawns and Tinga de Carne Tostadas- shredded beef cooked with smoky chipotle chilli served on a bed of lettuce, creme fraiche and ranchero cheese.

It was lovely to spend the evening with my two friends Jagruti of Jagrutis cooking Odyssey and Tina of The Spicy Pear sampling the canapes that awere really delicious and enjoying the warm hospitality of and Lupito East. The evening was very informative and delightful and we thoroughly enjoyed our education and insight into authentic Mexican cuisine

 I would like to thank and Lupita East for inviting me and my friends to this lovely event and also for the wonderful goody bag that they gifted us. I have been inspired and I am going to make the amazing Habanero sauce as soon as I can get the correct chillies.You can purchase authentic Mexican grocery from the and to sample the amazing food you can visit two amazing restaurants Lupito East and Lupita Central.


  1. Looks like a great evening! I do like mexican food!

  2. Very good review Nayna. I'm still in the process of writing mine. It was a fun evening, talking to Chef Marco and sampling some authentic Mexican dishes.

  3. Looking forward to lots of Mexican recipes.


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