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Mango Pudding –Made from Eat to Live Cookbook

Mango Pudding –Made from Eat to Live Cookbook


¼ cup raw almonds
2 ripe mangoes peeled and diced
1 banana
3 dates pitted finely chopped
1/8 cup unsweetened coconut
½ teaspoon vanilla
¼ cup currants
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
Almond flakes  and 2 dates for garnish.


1.Grind the almonds in a coffee grinder and keep aside.
2. In a blender jug add the mango, banana, coconut, chopped dates, vanilla and powdered almonds and blend to a smooth consistency.
3. Add the cinnamon and stir in the currants.
4. Spoon the mango pudding into serving glasses and garnish with dates and almond flakes. 
Chill before serving.

I was recently sent a copy of Eat to Live Cookbook by Dr Fuhrman.The book has a selection of recipes that enable you to eat healthy and at the same time lose weight and keep it off permanently, without hunger or deprivation. The recipes are designed to improve your eating habits and the recipes help to reduce chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes, naturally. The Ingredients that are used and the combinations of them help to provide superior nutrition and help you to eat healthy and remain fit by eradicating food cravings eliminating excess weight and reversing and preventing disease.
Dr Fuhrman the author of the book recommends a nutritarian lifestyle, this means that your daily diet should include:

  • A salad
  • ½ cup serving of beans /legumes
  • Three fruits
  • 1 ounce raw nuts or seeds
  • 1 large serving of cooked green vegetables

He also advices to refrain from consuming all red meat and all barbecued, processed and cured meats, fried food, full fat dairy and trans fat,  soft drinks, sugar and artificial sweeteners and finally white rice and white flour products.

The book starts with a nice introduction to ingredients, shopping tips, an Andi scoring guide that tells you which foods are better than others to eat and a tips and techniques section. The chapters that follow feature 200 delicious, nutrient-rich recipes, including:

  • Smoothies and Juices
  • Breakfast
  • Soups and Main Meals
  • Salads and Salad Dressings
  • Desserts

The recipes that are suitable for diabetics and aggressive weight loss are marked with a leaf symbol. Being a vegetarian myself I found that the variety of recipes was enormous and varied. I tried a few of the recipes which worked well but I missed the salt seasoning in them and found them a little bland, this I think is that one would need to train the palate to eat no salt. The dessert recipes were also good however as all the recipes used natural sugars only they lacked a sweetness that one is accustomed to but again this is due to teaching the palate to appreciate new tastes.Following the recipes in this book would definitely change your eating habits to promote a healthy diet.

I found the book useful, although some of the ingredients in the recipe are American  versions and I had to find substitutes for them here in the UK.  The book cover is very smart and clearly indicates the content of the book however I was disappointed that of the two hundred recipes there were only 12 photos of them all grouped in the centre of the book. Personally I love my recipes books to be more visual and inviting.The book is available in the Uk to buy from Amazon uk, it retails at  £ 15.93.

My score:

Content 4/5
Illustrations 1/5
Recipe instructions 5/5

Overall Score 10/15

I would like to Thank Harper Collins for sending me this book to review. All the views and opinions are honest  my own.


  1. Replies
    1. @ Mayuri really delicious and guilt free too.

  2. I'll write something when I stop drooling! Ok...still drooling.............LOVE IT! Would love to drink it now ;-)

    1. Actually Sylvia it was more a thick smoothie than a pudding but still it tasted gorgeous.

  3. I like what you can eat But I'd so struggle with what you can't! Not the sugar bits but the red meat, BBQ etc. Those are things I love. Great review. GG

    1. I liked the recipes I am struggling with the no salt bit though!!!

  4. I can almost taste it through the photos!

  5. Pudding looks irresistible ...waiting for mangoes to arrive here...

  6. If I had currants and dates on hand, if try that recipe now! Nicely written review.

  7. Gr8 recipe.. I am a mango lover.

  8. ANOTHER divine pudding and such a pretty photo too! Karen

  9. Your mango pudding sounds amazing!

  10. Mango is my fav fruit, this pudding sounds delicious!

  11. I'm a big fan of smoothies and they're great for giving kids an energy boost. Never thought of adding nuts though

  12. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  13. that looks incredibly healthy!

  14. hmm smell the mango flavor now ...Gorgeously looking pudding such a different combo of adding almonds,dates ,coconut etc ...Love it all the way ...

  15. What a wonderful pudding! Sounds gorgeous.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  16. Interesting book - I'd miss salt too. Salt is necessary for our bodies (and to make food taste better) and shouldn't be cut out completely. I'm going to try Lo-Salt.

  17. Fabulously healthy raw pud, so much good stuff what's not to love!

  18. Primarily Plant Based. The only diet to follow.

  19. The presentation of this is fantastic! Well done :)

  20. Oh what an interesting idea - I might just have to give this a whirl :) x

  21. I always love the presentation of all your recipes, they look amazing :)

  22. I am a cookbook junky but I love the pictures, so I can later compare my creation with the original... book with no illustrations is not ideal for me

  23. I love mango and this seems like a really nice way to use them.


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