Thursday 8 May 2014

Onken yoghurt "Dollop of difference" master class at L'atelier de chefs.

I was recently invited to the Onken yoghurt  "Dollop of difference"  master class presented by Lisa Faulkner and Nutritionist Angela Dowden at the L'atelier de chefs in London. The evening was themed around cooking with Onken Natural yoghurt. After a brief introduction we were taken into the well equipped  L'atelier de chefs kitchens to have a hands on cookery class with Lisa.
We started off with making some amazing banana muffins. Healthy delicious and super moist the muffins were easy to make and assemble and perfect for breakfast or snack on the go.

Next we made an amazing caramelised onion and yoghurt dip using the creamy Onken yoghurt. The dip was perfect served with crudités, crackers and warm pitta bread.The recipe was simple yet very delicious.
Lastly Lisa demonstrated how to make  a wonderful and fragrant marinade  She explained the importance of roasting the spices before grinding them in a pestle and mortar to release their flavours and then adding them to Onken yoghurt to make a delicious marinade for chicken, paneer or vegetables.

The master class was very enjoyable and relaxed with lots of interactions between the students and staff. The team at L'atelier de chefs were super and they miraculously had our workstations tidied and replenished after each recipe we created. 

The evening ended mingling with everyone and tasting all the food we had prepared accompanied with endless glasses of bubbly. We were also presented with lovely goody bags to take home so that we could all recreate the recipes. In my goody bag was a muffin tray, spices, yoghurt, skewers and a dipping bowl and recipe leaflets. It was a very enjoyable evening.

I would like to Thank Onken for inviting me to the lovely master class. All the views and opinions in this post are my own and of my own experience I was not asked to write a positive review.


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! You've made me really hungry though, I love that Onken is a healthy option!

    That Sheffield Sound

  2. Those muffins look delicious. They have prompted me to make some muffins this weekend now :)

  3. Wow sounds like you had a fun evening and created some lovely dishes Nayna.

  4. Those banana muffins sound delicious! Looks like it was a really fun event and great that you all got the ingredients to take home an recreate everything! x

  5. What fun, a yogurt masterclass sounds right up my street. I really like the sound of the caramelised onion dip.

  6. Looks like it was great fun! Wish I could have gone! I like the sound of mingling and eating the goods :-P

  7. Dollops look simply awesome and mouthwatering. Excellent preparation.

  8. Very nice time and wonderful muffins. Blessings, Catherine

  9. looks like so much fun, I need to go along to these master classes i can't cook anything x

  10. The caramelised onion yoghurt dip sounds rather good.

  11. Banana muffins are my favourite muffins ever! I'm craving them now
    Alex x

  12. I use natural yoghurt in a lot of my cooking, it's a fantastic alternative to calorific ingredients like sour cream. I love the idea of using it to create a dip!

  13. I love Onken yoghurt. Those muffins look lovely - is there a recipe? My three year old has been asking for banana muffins for the last few days.

  14. I love cooking with yoghurt - a healthier alternative to cream!

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