Monday 2 June 2014

Bengal Tiger St Pauls Indian restaurant review

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I had the opportunity to visit the Indian restaurant in St Pauls called the Bengal Tiger restaurant and bar. Bengal Tiger is situated in the heart of London, a stones throw from the beautiful St Pauls. Its convenient location means that it is perfect for dinner or lunch stop after a busy day at work or for entertaining clients or just enjoying an evening  of delicious freshly cooked food in ambient decor with fully stocked bar.

Bengal Tiger has a wonderfully stock bar, but being tee teetotallers we opted for the fresh juices and nibbled on the crispy pappadoms and the accompanying condiments and chutneys. The green chutney in the picture below was  truely delicious and I even managed to persuade the waiter to share the recipe with me.

Both my daughter and I are vegetarians, this did not pose a problem as there is a large variety of vegetarian dishes on offer on the menu. From recommendation from our waitor we ordered the vegetarian platter which consisted of Vegetable Samosa, Paneer Tikka, Onion Bhajee and Aloo Chat. The samosas were lovely, delicious vegetable filling encased in a  crispy pastry , the paneer tikka was succulent and tasty and marinaded and grilled in just the right amount of spice.The onions bhaji was deep fried and cooked to perfection, however my favourite was the aloo chat. A delicious mixture of spiced potatoes with a delicious smoky flavour  all drenched with a sweet and sour tamirind chutney and a cooling yogurt dip too.

Whilst we sipped on more chilled juices, we ordered our main course. The waiter recommended  the
Brenjal Bhajee a curry made with Aubergines cooked with tomatoes and onions and the Saag Aloo
a delicacy of cumin tempered potatoes cooked with tomato, onion and spinach. 

We also ordered some Pilaou rice, nan bread and the tarka dhal made from split chick pea and red lentil preparation cooked with garlic, cumin seed and whole red chillies and a fresh green salad and raita to cool the food down.

Both the curries were perfectly balanced in spice and each had a wonderful unique flavour that complimented each other well. The nan breads were fluffy and piping hot and the fragrant pilaof rice was perfectly cooked and tasted delicious with the gently spiced tarka dhal. In all the waiters recommendation was perfect and each dish complimented the other really well. The portion sizes were generous  and it was very difficult to finish everything and still  have room for dessert. In view of this we opted for a light dessert of  the mango kulfi and the pistachio kulfi. Both were delicious and perfect finish to a wonderful meal.

The menu option for vegetarians at Bengal Tiger is super and we really enjoyed out meal in the lovely ambience and surrounding of the restaurant which felt very authentic.

We would like to thank Bengal Tiger for inviting us enjoy their hospitality.


  1. That all looks so delicious my mouth is watering! The chutneys in particular look great, I love a good chutney. The naan bread looks great too. I don't get to eat Indian food very often as I'm the only one in my household that likes it but I'd talk them into it for a meal like this!

  2. That food looks absolutely delicious, I might have to pop in next time I'm in London x

  3. That menu look fantastic, I often choose the vegetarian option! Bet it was nice to have a meal out with your daughter!

  4. Seems like you had a feast with ur daughter there, lovely review and those foods are just inviting me to give a visit to this restaurant.

  5. The food and ambience here looks good.

  6. The food looks delicious, especially that paneer tikka. And not too far from where I work. Will have to drag OH there.

  7. I would love to try out that mango and that pistachio Kulfi.

  8. What a FABULOUS place and all that food looks amazing too! LOVE it! Karen

  9. Every dish looks absolutely amazing! This is now on my list for the next time I'm in the City. Stephen :o)

  10. looks lovely thanks for the review

  11. hi,, i like to visit this site,, have a nice day :)

  12. My mouth s watering. I love Indian food and that looks delicious



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