Monday 15 September 2014

Strawberries and Cream hot Quinoa breakfast~ Secret Recipe Challenge 15th Sept 2014

This is my assignment with the Secret Recipe Club.The aim of the club is that you are allocated a blog from which you have to select a recipe and try it and blog about it. 

My assigned blog was Flavour Mosaic, the blog is written By Michelle who describes her self as the occasional cooker, however looking through her blog she has some amazing recipes so I think she is definitely more than just an occasional cooker as she sounds very experienced in cooking. Like me Michele loves spices and she loves playing with spice mixtures in her recipes to me that's what I love too so I shall be dropping by Michele's blog often to try out more of her recipes.

For the challenge I short listed many recipes but since I am trying to change our breakfast habits, I thought the  strawberries and cream hot quinoa breakfast cereal  would be the perfect recipe to prepare and present to my family. I followed the recipe and the only changes I made were that I used strawberry yoghurt instead of natural yoghurt and replaced the cinnamon with cardamom.

Delicious and warm breakfast that's healthy and delectable too.


60 g / 2 oz Quinoa
150 ml water
129 g low fat strawberry yoghurt
1 teaspoon vanilla
pinch of nutmeg 
pinch of cardamom
6 strawberries


1. Wash the quinoa and drain, add the 150 ml water and bring the quinoa to a slow simmer, reduce the heat to lowest setting and simmer until all the water is absorbed ( approx 10-12 minutes)
2. Wash and keep aside 2 strawberries for garnish and  chop the remaining strawberries into slices.
3.  In a bowl add the strawberry yoghurt, vanilla. nutmeg and cardamom and mix together.
4 To the yoghurt mixture add the cooked quinoa and mix together.
5. Get two serving glasses and spoon some of the creamy quinoa and yoghurt mixture.
6. Add a layer of strawberries and than add another layer of the quinoa and yoghurt mixture on top.
7. Finish off with a layer of strawberries.
9.Garnish with the whole strawberry

NB- You can also serve it as a chilled dessert.


  1. Nayna that is delicious. Imagination running riot.... yummy breakfast or dessert idea.

  2. Love new ways to use quinoa! This looks like the perfect healthy breakfast :)

  3. So lovely and a great way to switch up your usual breakfast routine for sure :)

  4. Ooooh super cute idea, looks yummy. I've only tried quinoa once, still not too sure what I think of the texture but I think the health benefits definitely sway my tastebuds somewhat! Haha

  5. What a lovely recipe! Perfect for the warm weather! x

  6. What a great, and unique, way to use quinoa. I love the changes you made to the cardamom.

  7. What a great idea...and innovative use of quinoa:) Looks yum!

  8. This looks amazing - I love finding new ways to use fresh fruit at breakfast.

  9. Never thought of having something like this for breakfast. Looks fab


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