Sunday 22 March 2015

Walkers Sunbites

I was recently sent a selection of Walkers Sunbites snack range to sample. In the Sunbites range avilable are crispy crackers, pitta bakes, crackers and dip and crispy snacks.
These bitesize snacks are simply delicious for nibbling on, perfect for lunch boxes or for that savory treat as they are 30 % less fat than ordinary crisps.They areavailable in most major supermarkets.

The crackers are available in cream cheese and chive, oven roasted onion, lightly salted and rosemary and sunripe sweet chilli flavour.

The oven roasted onion and rosemary crackers also come in individual packs with a pot of caremelised red onion chutney and sunripe sweet chilli flavour crackers come with roasted red pepper salsa.

I was sent a bag of cream cheese and chive crackers and an individual  pack of red pepper salsa and crackers. We really enjoyed the salta , it was delicicious with the crackers and had a lovely spicy kick.

The cream and chive crackers again were delicious, but we We did find that many of the crackers in the bag were broken so dipping them in the salsa to devour was a little difficult.I think this is due to the fact that they are very light and airy and despite good packaging they tended to break easily.

The Sunbites pitta bakes which come in 3 flavours Vintage cheddar and caremelised onion, roasted red pepper nad chilli flavour and oven roasted rosemary and onion flavour.

I was sent the Vintage cheddar and caremelised onion pitta bites which were moreish and delicious with perfectly balanced flavours. However the contents of the bag was very little and a lot of the pitta bites were broken. This did not deter us from enjoying them as I sprinkled the crumbs on top of salad to give it an added crunch.

We enjoyed the sunbite snacks very much and look forward to trying all the other flavours that are available in the range. We were sent these snacks to sample by Walkers, all the views and opinions in the post are true and unbiased.


  1. These look and sound delicious, I think I'll be picking some of these up next time I'm in Sainsburys x

  2. I have tried the originals before but the pitta bites look nice too.

  3. i love their original sun bites. will definitely try these ones out

  4. Ooooh, these look great! I love the original sunbites so I'm sure I would love these too. Will keep an eye out for them in the shops...


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