Tuesday 13 October 2015

#OnkenTips -A lovely book full of recipes using Onken

My family and I love yoghurt in any form or shape be it dolloped over a bowl of fruit, swirled in a bowl of soup, stirred into curries to give a rich creamy texture or added in baking to give a soft spongy texture.

Coconut and yoghurt chutney- Delicious fresh coconut and tangy yoghurt tempered with chillies and curry leaves the perfect chutney for South Indian Dishes.

Tzatziki- Delicious Greek yoghurt and cucumber dip flavoured with garlic and paprika.

Yoghurt is so healthy and  rich for your body, not only does it have healthy bacteria that is good for your gut but it can provide nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamins and Magnesium and Potassium. One of my regular brands of yoghurt that I always have in my fridge is Onken Yogurts They come in a natural and a variety of fruit flavours so there is always something for everyone.

Onken together with some food bloggers have created a lovely mini recipe book called #Onken Tips Dips, dollops and swirls of Inspiration .The book is full of ideas on how you can use Onken yoghurts in your daily life. There are recipes  for  breakfast, savory dishes and sweet. You can check out the book on instagram to get some inspiration to create your own recipes using Onken Yoghurt.


  1. ooo I'm always up for trying new stuff with yoghurt! i am definitely checking this out

  2. yoghurt! is such a versatile ingredient. Love the idea of the book. Thanks for sharing R

  3. I rather like Onken, I think the cucumber dip would be great with Indian food.

  4. Gosh that takes me back. I used to buy Onken all the time many many years ago, but I don't see it about any more. Your yogurt chutney looks scrumptious - as always :)

  5. That Coconut and Yogurt chutney looks gorgeous, just want to dip right into it.

  6. Some great suggestions there, I hadn't thought it use it in some many different ways x


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