Tuesday 17 November 2015

Tidbits From my Pantry

At simplyfood we have been enjoying some lovely treats this month. During Chocolate week we were sent some super delicious Haagen Dazs Ice cream. Their new Salted Caramel flavour is gorgeous and no one can beat their classic vanilla. Both ice cream are rich creamy and absolutely delectable.

The only dilemma was whether to eat the ice cream straight from the tub or be sensible and scoop it into a bowl!!!!

We also tried 2 new flavours from Rachels Organics; Cherry and Dark Chocolate and Apple and Butter Scotch . What inventive combinations but the firm family favorite in our house was the apple and butterscotch. It tasted like toffee apples.


Leedammer Cheese slices was also something we tried this month. We were sent samples of  three different types; the Leerdammer light, Leerdammer original, Leerdammer Toastie.

Each pack had eight slices and the packs were easy to open and sealed well for storage.

This is a mild and subtle  flavour cheese that is suitable for vegetarians. It made the perfect toasted jalapeno, tomato and cheese sandwich.

We also enjoyed this cheese in a lovely ploughman's baguette with salad and pickle,

From Heartsease farm we sampled their new apple and rhubarb flavour drink. It is really refreshing and tasted of Autumn.It is a lovely addition to all the other delicious flavours that they already do.

J2O have launched two new great flavours; Midnight Amber a delicious blend of citrus fruits with winter spice. This was absolutely delicious and it would be perfect to serve at Christmas.
The second flavour in the range is Midnight Forest a orange, cherry and chocolate flavour. an innovative combination of classic flavours. Not only were the drinks very unique  but the bottles were really eye catching.

All these samples were sent to us to try at simplyfood. All views and opinions expressed here are of our taste and true.It is always nice to have the opportunity to try out new products 


  1. What a nice post :) always lovely to work with new brands and get to sample a few things! Good read x

  2. I LOVE Leedammer Cheese and Haagen Dazs Ice cream! I'm now craving both xD

  3. Have you tried the Rachels Elderflower yoghurt? Its so yummy! xxx

  4. All the products seem to be good. It's a pity we can't get them here.

  5. I keep meaning to try that salted caramel ice cream. I am going to have to pick some up this weekend as a treat.

  6. That salted caramel ice cream is just fabulous - we've been trying really hard not to binge on it!


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