Sunday 7 June 2020

Review Viners Assure Knife Set

I am a big foodie and I am sure all my readers know that and also know that I am also very particular about my cookware, knives, chopping boards and utensils that I use in my kitchen. Having good quality pans, chopping board and definitely knives are of paramount importance to me when doing my meal preps.

During lock down I have had time to clear out my kitchen cupboards and take stock of what I need to keep and what I need to throw out. Remember that pan with the broken handle, the blunt knifes and that chopping boards that have discoloured and so scratched that the wood has started to splinter. Well I had all these so I ruthlessly threw them all out.
I have so many pans and also a lovely new Samuel Groves pan which you can read all about in my last post so I did not need any new pans. I also have a couple of new chopping boards stashed away which are now replacing the old ones.

The only thing I did not have were some new knives, so in my search for replacements I came across this set of Assure 4 piece set of knives. The set has a 6" chef knife, 6" santoku knife, 3.5 "paring knife and a 5" utility knife. The knives have a square tip to maximise safety and soft touch handles for optimum comfort. The blades are finished with a black non stick coating too to improve their performance and they come with a 10 year guarantee.

I love the knives, as they are not bulky at all. They are  lightweight and the perfect size for everyday use. Although they can't be put in the dish washer, that is not a problem for me, as I always hand wash my knives and put them away after use, in fear of someone cutting their hands on them if placed in dishwasher. I adore my knife set and the best thing is that they are affordable at only £15.99 for the set. You can check them out and purchase them from any kitchen stockist, or on line at Viners

I would love to know what your favorite knife is in your kitchen, do let me know in the comments. Also tell be honestly now, how many of you are hoarding chipped mugs, scratched and discoloured chopping boards, pans with handles missing and coating coming off? If you have these isn't it about time you too were ruthless and cleared them out? Go on do it, you will feel better for doing it.

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  1. the knives look quite elegant. I could certainly do with some new ones, mine look like they're from the stone age

  2. Oh these are lovely, I definitely need new pans and new knives, one of my knives has been with me since Uni, im quite attached to it, even if it isn't the best knife in the world!

  3. We use a chef's knife and a paring knife generally. I would love to be able to chop as swiftly and accurately as chefs do. I never seem to get my veg down to their size pieces.

  4. These look amazing, I know Viners have an incredible reputation. I would love some when I have finished renovating the house and get settled in

  5. They look a great set of knives and I know Viners is a name that we trusted, from my days chefing. Mich X

  6. These look like a great set of knives. My husband and I before we met bought a knife called 'the worlds sharpest knife' they are both about 15 years old but we still love them.

  7. We could do with new knives, but it's one of those things that I don't really know what brand etc to buy. Great to read what you thought about these ones.

  8. Just bought a set of these. Nice blade, which keeps a good edge at a nice price, and rounded tip. If only there was a version with full tang though...


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