Wednesday 1 July 2020

Summer Salads made in a jiffy using OXO Mandolin and Nesting Bowls.

We have been very fortunate for the last few weeks to have had mostly good weather. The sunshine has meant that we can do a lot of the outdoor chores that were accumulating.

I have also spent a little more time in the garden growing some tomatoes, chillies, coriander and strawberries. For some one who does not have green fingers at all I am very proud of my self.

Since the weather has been hot, we have been eating mostly in the garden. Our lunches have mainly been quick and easy salads that are healthy and delicious too. 
Salads don't need to be boring, you can add not just lettuce, tomatoes radishes, onions, peppers and tomatoes but fruits in salads too. I love peaches, apricots, plums, oranges, grapes and apples in my salad too. Of course not forgetting the different varieties of melons too. Water melon and feta pair well together  and I love orange and grapefruit in my salads too to give that citrus kick.

With the recent COVIDsitation, I have been extra careful with my fruit and vegetables. As soon as I get my shopping home, I soak the fruits and vegetables in a solution made of  vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in large bowl for an hour, after which I drain the vegetables and fruits and give them a really wash and good rinse in cold water. I then leave them to air dry before storing.

I find my OXO’s 9-Piece Nesting Bowl and Colander Set is really handy in the kitchen. The set has three bowls, three colanders, and three lids in small, medium and large sizes. They bowla with the colanders really handy for washing fruits and vegetables and also for draining cooked pulses, beans, rice and pasta too.
The bowls are also perfect for baking too, the handy non-slip base keeps bowls stabilised when mixing.

Putting a salad together is really easy especially if you have a mandolin to slice the vegetables thinly. The OXO Hand-Held Mandolin Slicer is my best friend in the kitchen. It's compact and fits into my kitchen drawer and is so handy to slice my vegetables uniformly.

The mandolin has a sharp blade with a thickness adjuster to select the thickness you need and it has a special holder that you attach to the fruit or vegetable that you are slicing to keep it secure and protect your fingers from the blade. It also helps you to slice to the last bit of the fruit or vegetable with very little waste.

The mandolin is easy to clean as well, it just needs a rinse in warm soapy water. It just saves getting the food processor out as the mandolin is so quick and easy to use.

You can also add grains like couscous, quinoa and Bulgar wheat to your salads to bulk them up. Adding beans such as black eyed beans, borlotti beans, green lentils, kidney beans and chick peas are a great way to add protein to the salad. If you need some recipe inspiration The Works offers a great range of discount cookery and gardening books such as "Veg in One Bed" and "The Happy Vegan". The books are really useful with lots of lovely ideas. 

Having the right equipment in the kitchen certainly makes prepping food a lot easier. OXO have a vast range of kitchenware that is great for all types of food preparations. Don't forget to check out the OXO UK website for the full range. What is your favorite kitchen gadget that you love? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra2 July 2020 at 12:26

    I have always wanted to get a mandolin slicer. It sure makes meal prep a whole lot easier if you have one. I will get myself this one you reviewed soon as I get my pay next week.

    1. This is is really handy and does not take too much room.Slices really uniformly.

  2. These sound like some really good bowls to have around to help in the kitchen. OXO really make some wonderful kitchen aids.

  3. What tasty looking salads! I love OXO products, they have such good quality kitchenware.

  4. It is so good that you have some of your meals in the garden! It is something I should do more!

  5. What lovely looking salads. It's one of my favourite things about summer - all the fresh food and colourful vegetables.

  6. I love my nesting bowls for their practicaility and the fact that they take up less space in the cupboard

  7. This is sure to make salad prep much easier! We've been super lucky with the weather and our sunflowers have gone mad!

  8. Great article, and your salad ideas (and photos) are inspiring! Have to admit I had no idea OXO sold kitchenware - I only associate them with stock cubes.

  9. Those bowls look preety good, I've been looking for something similar recently, also salad looks yummy, great post!

  10. I have a mandolin slicer and it is so great kitchen tool. My favorite for slicing cucumbers and fennel to combine them together as a salad. I also agree that watermelon and feta pair well together. Now I'm hungry, LOL.

  11. I love that you have shared all the steps of cleaning the veg to prepping it. I have been thinking about getting a Mandolin slicer and the OXO brand looks perfect.

  12. This looks like a great set. I do like the oxo range from what I have seen

  13. I love salad and would happily eat a salad all year round. The more colour the better.


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